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IT outstaffing is a type of recruitment when a company makes use of technical specialists offered by another company for some temporary work. These specialists remain registered in the staff of a specialized outstaffing entity. This company also pays salaries to its employees and bears responsibility for the quality of work they do. 

IT outstaffing is usually used when a company needs an employee for a specific project. The reasons may be multiple. Business owners usually apply this recruitment model when they lack appropriate specialists but don’t want to hire them as permanent workers. Among other aspects may be the exceeding limit on the number of staff, previously planned staff reductions, a long-term replacement of one or more employees, etc.

Thanks to outstaffing services, some companies can conduct commercial activities in foreign countries without resorting to legal registration at the initial stage. At the same time, others use this model to optimize the expenditures on personnel, accounting, etc.

The pros of IT outstaffing

IT outsourcing is becoming more and more popular. This recruiting model offers a range of advantages to the companies’ owners. To understand why it is so beneficial, let’s consider some of these pros.

1. Cost-efficiency

IT outstaffing helps save money. Just imagine that you don’t have to offer a working place to a hired specialist. What’s more, you are not even supposed to spend money on taxes, traveling expenses, or additional bonuses. If you choose outstaffing you have to pay only for the work done. Its volume is regulated by the contract you sign at the beginning of cooperation. In such a way, it allows you to save invaluable resources for some other purposes.

2. Professional assistance

The IT outstaffing services provider is responsible for the expertise of offered specialists. It means that you will hire real professionals who usually master the particular field of tasks. As a result, the IT outstaffing model will help you improve the efficiency of the IT infrastructure and ensure a quality result. In addition, the obligations of the parties, the scope of work, and deadlines are also prescribed in the contract as an additional guarantee. If something goes wrong, the IT outstaffing company is obliged to settle the dispute.

3. Time-efficiency

Let’s face the truth. Sometimes it may be a great challenge to find the right person to fit your team. The recruitment process requires huge time and energy investment. There are two available options: hire an HR specialist or manage it by yourself. If you opt for the second one, be ready to conduct numerous interviews, look through different portfolios, and get a little bit stressed from time to time.

One of the greatest advantages of IT outstaffing is the fact that you can get all this work done well by others people. Just apply to the appropriate company and hire a person who has already gone through all necessary check-ups. In case the chosen specialist isn’t good enough, you can just ask for another. It won’t influence the cost.

4. Make use of narrow specialists

IT is developing extremely fast. To keep afloat, you should keep abreast of the time. It is essential to think about security, analytics, and content improvement to be competitive. Blockchain technologies are among the latest trends in the IT development sector. (for more information, visit If you want to implement it into your web product, you can just make use of IT outstaffing services. In such a way, it is possible to hire specific experts just for performing certain tasks. It helps increase the overall performance of your team and improve the quality of rendered services.

5. Reliability

The customer is insured against a situation where a person can suddenly leave. Firstly, it is written down in the agreement with the outstaffing company that the provider of such services is obliged to provide another candidate in case of any force majeure. It means that you don’t have to worry about any unpleasant scenarios and deadlines. The IT outstaffing service provider will handle all the issues.

Final thoughts

IT outstaffing is a great alternative to a traditional recruitment model. It can make your life much easier and improve the company’s matters. Increased performance, saved time and money, and improved product. That is what you will get by applying to outstaffing. If you still have doubts, just try it!