I just got back from a visit to my college, hence there’s some (perhaps lost?) of THC in my system. I am not a reg pot smoker but during the visit, I smoked often (I had no idea I got the job).

48hrs and all I have advice for to do is: work out, eat vitamin c/drink cran juice/lots of fluids/starvation diet and creatine/detox beverages and jello packets 1 hr before the test

ANY other ideas? I must must must get this job.

I was stupid, I know, but now I beg of you – please help (life two-dot net). and no, fake urine or replaced urine is out of the question


Working out is the only thing I’ve heard that gets rid of the THC quicker. I’m sure the more regular weed smokers here will be of more assistance.

If worst comes to worst and they actually discover THC, say people were smoking it in your company during your visit to the uni, but you didn’t touch it yourself. A bad excuse, I know, but the only one I can think of.

Really? Drug test for Best Buy?

With only 48 hours to clear your system out you are probably ****ed if you use your own pee. I have heard of people passing one after 6 or 7 days, never 48 hours.

If you can get someone that is clean to pee in a water bottle for you and sneak it in that’s your best bet.

If you can’t do that drinking alot of water is your only real option, and it probably won’t work that well. I heard rumors that detox works but I don’t really buy it.

And hey, if you fail as others have said it’s only Best Buy.

WTF, drug test? This is Best Buy not the army/police/government agency.

Tell them you were at a party and it was dark and someone offered you what you thought was a cigarette and you inhaled and it wasn’t a cigarette after all and you regret this mistake and you will be a good employee and never do drugs or smoke what you think are cigarettes in the dark.

Please keep in mind many companies don’t really “care” about marijuana. I took a hair test a few years ago and asked the girl to do the test a few questions. She said some companies only care about cocaine/heroin and other “hard” drugs.

Dude. You’re in California. That’s basically 100% the case there and few other places.

But yeah if it’s only been 48 hours you’re pretty much screwed. THC is fat-soluble so that’s why it stays in your body for so long. Water doesn’t regularly cycle in and out of your fat cells like it does the rest of your body unless you’re basically dehydrated so, I’d suggest getting a decent amount of exercising and drinking diuretics like caffeine with PLENTY of water. I guess that’s your best bet. I read up on it for a while back when I thought I’d actually get drug tested since I work at a place that deals with mental health and substance abuse (I’m just a programmer) and they have on-site drug testing. After almost two years I haven’t been drug tested but I’ve only smoked a few times in that whole duration.

I don’t know why you guys think it’s so weird. I had a drug test for like every job I’ve had. Except for a video game company, but I guess that’s to be expected. I mean, I sorta get that its not their business to know what you do on your own time, but its not weird that they would want to make sure you’re not a crackhead. Hiring crackheads is a bad idea. Maybe they’ll let it slip since its only weed (though I doubt it since it would likely get filed for their corporate office’s record).

This kind of thing pisses me off no end. Companies just love to bugger you around, not get back to you, do whatever they like, and then phone you out of nowhere one day before the job was due to start expecting you to jump to attention immediately, when, under the impression you had not been picked, you might already have made other plans…

Our time is valuable. Your time is nothing. If you want to work for us, you will drop everything else and love us with all of your heart. So what if you’re just stacking shelves?