Of late, online betting has won the hearts of sports fans over traditional in-person sports wagering because you can bet from anywhere in the world, and the sportsbook software is open 24/7. This level of flexibility is unbeatable, and it’s no wonder why sports fans from different parts of the globe flock platforms like GGBet CA to back their favourite teams and players at any time of the day or night.

But then, while the online bookies changed the game, sportsbook software is the cornerstone of internet-based sports betting solutions. It will determine whether users will have a good time or a horrible experience right out of the gate when betting via the internet. As such, the software in use is a make-or-break element for any bookies looking to attract and retain sports bettors on their platforms.

Today, we’ll look at the standard and special functions of sportsbook software that will keep sports fans engaged as they make predictions for the outcomes of the sporting events they enjoy the most. They said functions are as follows:

In-Play Betting

On top of standard pre-match betting, sportsbook software should allow for live in-play betting so that punters can place their bets while a game is ongoing. The best thing about in-play betting is that it increases the number of markets that bettors can wager on, including wagers based on various types of in-game activity as the sports match takes place. The three most popular in-play betting features that sportsbooks software offers include:

  • Cash Out – The cash-out feature lets you take complete control of your wagers by either taking profit early if they are winning the bet or taking some stake back if you feel like you are losing the bet before an event ends.
  • Edit My Bet – Punters use this feature to trade single wagers for new wagers and unsettle straight bets before or during a sporting event.
  • Edit My Account – Using this feature, players can remove game selections from their parlay after a bet is placed and sometimes when a game is ongoing. The bet slip is changed to show the revised amendments.

Multiple Bets

Multiple bets are a punter favourite because they allow placing a series of wagers on one betting slip. And if all the predictions are correct, the rewards are much higher than they would have been for several single bets. Examples of multiple bets that a sportsbook software should support are doubles, trebles, four-folds, five-folds, six-folds, each way, place, Yankie, round-robin, and Canadian.

Provision of Odds Management Tools

Calculating odds help bookmakers check the likelihood of an event occurring in any betting site while also computing the exposure they face when a bet is made. Therefore, sportsbook software should provide effective odds management tools that give precise odds for online betting sites, making them more competitive and dependable. In addition, subject to the region, sportsbook software should provide the correct odds format; for instance, players in the UK prefer fractional odds, whereas players in the US prefer money line odds format.

Multicurrency and Multilingual Support

The most reliable online sportsbooks offer players flexible currency options so that they can deposit and withdraw cash from their native currency. That way, players don’t have to suffer through hefty currency conversion fees whenever they want to transfer money to and from their betting accounts. As an extra, sportsbooks have also started supporting cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin or Ethereum to cater to crypto gambling enthusiasts.

Likewise, with the growing demand for online betting services by players from different countries, online betting software must also support other languages and not just English alone. Therefore, the best sportsbook software will also support languages like French, Spanish, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Hindi, among many others.

Wide Range of Games

For a bookie to attract new punters and keep regular players coming back for more, the patrons should be spoilt for choice when they come to the betting lobby. Sportsbook software should cover both popular and less popular games as well as emerging events like esports and even politics and TV shows.


Foolproof security is also an essential feature of sportsbook software to safeguard the platform against the risks of doing business over the internet. For example, the sportsbook software should ensure that the identity and funds of its patrons are protected from malicious hackers who have become commonplace online.

Final Thoughts

While the above are among the essential features of sportsbook software, there’s a lot more that the most innovative developers bring to the table. For instance, with the popularity of mobile gaming, the software must support cross-compatibility so that players can enjoy placing wagers irrespective of the devices they are using.