After signing the deal of three years, the Cincinnati Reds have added Shogo Akiyama to their roster to strengthen the team. Shogo Akiyama will be wearing the number 4. He is also all prepared to add depth to the team and make their defensive front even stronger.

It is said that both, the Reds and Shogo Akiyama agreed upon the deal of $21 million. In addition, the deal will work until 2022. The contract states that the salaries will change with time. In 2020, the salary will be $6 million. In 2021, it will be $7 million. In 2022, it will be $8 million. The new addition to the team and the five-time Japanese all-star made his debut in a conference meeting last week.

The president of the baseball operations, Dick Williams said, “We scouted Shogo for several years in anticipation of his free agency.” To this statement, he also added, “We like his approach at the plate as well as his outfield defense, and we think he will complement our team very well.”

In the coming season, the new addition to the team might be a great idea, just provided that he is in his top shape. Shogo Akiyama was the only Japanese outlander among the whole team. In the history of 150 years, it was the first time that a player from Japan was added to a big club.

In the previous seasons, the team has managed to get hold of many new members, including, Pacific Rim scouting manager Rob Fidler, and Jamey Storvick. However, it is believed that the team has had their eyes on Akiyama for a long time.

It was not only the Reds but the Pardes and Cubs were also interested in the outfielder. Shogo was at the Winter Meeting in San Diego. There he was supposed to meet a few clubs which included the Reds. There, he along with the team agreed upon the contract last December 30.

After the agreement, Shogo Akiyama came back to the US from Japan for a physical test. The physical test was conducted last Monday. The reports of the physical tests declare that the 31 year old is healthy and fit for the upcoming season. He is ready to go on training along with the team.

If we talk about his gaming performance, Shogo Akiyama had an average score of 673.6 PA and over .400 OBP. Looking at his performance, both, fans and analysts are excited to see him in action in the upcoming season of MLA. It is definite that he give get multiple chances to showcase his talent there.

In the last nine seasons with the Seibu Lions, he is the .301 career hitter. In addition to this, he was also named in the Pacific League All-Star. In the last 3 years, Shogo has managed to averaged 23 homers. This does not end here, his victories also includes 216 hits for the Nippon Professional Baseball single season record.

Many consider that getting into the Reds is probably ground-breaking for his career. This might just be the biggest break of his career. In the team, he could definitely be someone more than just a corner outfielder. The team might give me a chance to be the centre-fielder next to Nick Senzel. Considering that Nick is still recovering from his right shoulder surgery.

The team has some of most amazing outfielders, including, Jesse Winker, Philip Ervin, and Aristides Aquino. With a new addition to the same position, the team has to figure out a to allocate these players in 2020.

Shogo Akiyama’s addition to the team can be considered that he will make the championship better. Only if he manages to pull off a great performance just like he did in Japan. If everything goes as planned, then the team might just get a win this season.

Shogo Akiyama’s coming into the team can be the just right amount success they needed from a long time in the upcoming games.

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