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Every week, we meet with dozens of maintenance managers confronting unprecedented operational issues. From small-scale businesses to larger enterprises, maintenance teams are constantly challenged to increase efficiency, boost productivity and reduce cost.

The importance of maintenance management has never been more crucial since the catalyst for the need to make changes in the world’s competitive economy, pressure to modernize procedures or the issues posed by COVID-19.

Over the past two decades, the technology advancement has enabled companies to create products at an astounding rate. Therefore, maintenance personnel has to reduce the cost of equipment breakdowns that stop production without warning. The more automated the plant, the more vitally preventing the occurrence of, diagnosing, and resolving complex breakdowns of assets by using Work order management tools.

What is Maintenance Management Software?

The task of keeping track of dozens, if not hundreds of assets in analog format is exhausting. This is why high-performing businesses employ Maintenance management programs to keep track of everything from maintenance activities through inventory management.

Commonly, they are called Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS); these platforms let management create assignments, track, and manage regular work orders; catalog the assets of the facility according to location, date of service serial number, and location and improve compliance by using digital audit trails; discover savings opportunities through advanced reporting and the monitoring of conditions using sensors.

How to Select the Right Facility Management Software?

When choosing software, there are many things a facility manager should consider before purchasing one. In this article, we will tell you tips about choosing the right software for your business, and I hope that it can help you find a suitable system.

Choose A Solution That Meets the Needs of Your Company.

In general, selecting software mainly includes three steps: evaluation, selection, and implementation. You need to evaluate your current situation first, select the product according to user requirements, finally implement the product as soon as possible. And also, remember that when implementing, it is necessary to ensure the quality of work, avoid wasting time and money, and ultimately achieve rapid return on investment (ROI).

But if you do not know precisely what type of data structure your company needs, you may waste time on this step or even spend too much money! So let’s talk about how to choose software through our eyes.

Facility Management Software That Is Mobile-Ready

Desks don’t restrict facility Management employees. If they’re working from an office or out in the field, they require access wherever they are!

The most effective facility management software is mobile-friendly. This software allows facilities managers to assign deadlines and tasks to contractors or field workers.

One of the skills in maintenance worker job description is conducting regular check-ups nd hence they should be notified via mobile devices (iOS or Andriod) and can adequately respond to them. This means that they do not have to meet face-to-face and decreases the time needed to approve. This means that there is no need to go face-to-face or waste time with unnecessary approvals. Furthermore, mobile applications let employees utilize their phones to take photos of any damages.

Consider The Basic Features of the Software.

Of course, you cannot ignore the essential functions of the software, whether it is cloud or desktop edition. The desktop version often allows users to connect directly to the server, while the cloud version provides a virtual environment through an internet connection. Both versions provide some basic functionalities such as data backup, integration and document storage, etc., but the cloud version often contains advanced features such as automation, and the specific niche features like cloud storage for lawyers.

It is also worth noting that the desktop version sometimes has a strong performance advantage over the cloud version because it does not require access to the internet. But if we talk about the essential function of the software, it is always better to prefer the cloud version based on its advantages such as fast transfer speed, low consumption, high security, and stability.

Do Not Just Look at The Numbers.

It is also very important to pay attention to the actual user experience of the software, particularly during the installation. There usually comes a time when many people will try to use the same software to install the latest version, thus affecting the regular operation of any computer network. We recommend that you take off all unnecessary programs before installing the software to avoid interference, especially those not familiar with operating systems or computers.


The user-friendliness of software is vital. It’s unlikely to make profits if you feel you’re wasting a significant amount of time, money, and effort trying to understand the latest software to manage your business.

A top Facility Management software isn’t just for employees with a high level of tech proficiency in your business. It’s designed for all. From the field maintenance personnel to office supervisors must use Facilities Management software daily.

Everyone from ground-floor maintenance technicians to C-level managers must successfully use the software for managing facilities every day.

Whatever the sophistication of the software to manage facilities, it will only be effective if employees are supportive and can use this software. All employees can use the system. It is significantly enhanced when choosing an easy-to-use application suitable for CMMS.

Keep Up-To-Date with The Market Trends

In the world of technology, the most attractive feature of the software is rapidly changing. Although most providers offer similar solutions, they continue to improve, which is also why you may still find more manufacturers competing to enter the industry. Thus, we believe that every software seller must be open-minded enough to adapt to the changes in the field of IT. As long as you adhere to the market trend, you can surely get good returns on your investment.

Understand The Legal Framework of the Software Supplier

The final stage in choosing maintenance software is to understand the legal framework provided by the provider. You need to read the contract carefully and thoroughly analyze the potential risks involved before signing documents. For example, many companies provide a free trial period for consumers. Still, many legal issues might arise due to the lack of knowledge about the business rules once the product becomes an essential tool in running your business. Therefore, make sure that the provider is honest with his promises and willing to honor these commitments.

Final Words

Hopefully, this article can give you inspiration and tips when choosing software. Nowadays, the choice of software vendors no longer depends on personal preferences or financial considerations alone; you must also consider professional needs. Choose well and enjoy your work.