Reposting might work fine for some time, but everyone – from search engines to real people – loves new and original content. The reasons for creating it might look obvious, but still, we’d better name them here to persuade you to shift from rewriting and reposting to making news by yourself. Create something the world has never seen before.

Creating content allows you to understand better what you are writing about.

There is a wise proverb that a person might only understand something after explaining that to completely ignorant people. By explaining something, we raise our level of expertise, and not only in the eyes of our audience.

Creating the original content brings you to a new level of knowledge. Instead of reposting and telling something that others (wiser than you) have said before, you become the wiser yourself. When you are the source, your credibility and respect towards you increase dramatically.

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Moreover, to create truly great content, not something average, you’d have to learn something completely new and present it in an understandable and accessible form. This constant challenge will make you grow and develop continuously, accumulating more knowledge, creating more awesome content, and so on.

Consistent content creating also provides great discipline training. When you know that you have to write something, say, once a week, you’d adjust your learning to that time, so, at least once a week you’ll learn something new, increase your writing skills and work on promoting your business, personal brand or whatever you are doing. Isn’t it great?

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Original content creates much more traffic

Search engines have a great memory. They don’t consider reposted content something more than, well, reposted content. No matter how long ago the original material appeared on the Internet, each new repost will be treated as a copy.

Creating the original content, you make all the traffic yours. For some time (before more new content will emerge) you will be positioned much higher in the search result lists. The sites that constantly generate new content are considered more trustworthy and appear more frequently in the search result pages – therefore, they draw even more traffic and become more popular that making them appear on the top of search result lists even more often.

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Without content creation, the original author of your repost will always be ahead, unless you are already more popular than them – but what is the reason for reposting them in that case? Don’t repost, create something that is worth a repost in the eyes of the others!

New content makes further content creation easier

Making a video, news, or podcast is a great reason to post something on social media networks, make some quotes or search for related topics. New content always generates more content. Think of it as Wikipedia: each word can become a link to a whole new article.

The start is always the most difficult part – but writing or making fresh material will bring you a bunch of ideas of what to do next. That is the whole reason: when you start, you can’t just finish it and say everything: you’ll feel an urge to create more. And that will greatly benefit your promotion strategy.

New content keeps your audience on their toes

While you repost someone else’s material, there is always a risk that your audience is subscribed to that author and has already seen it. This will annihilate any effect and won’t bring you any traffic. But when all – or most of – your content is original, you have a solid guarantee that no one has ever seen something like that. People love to see something new and interesting, so they will come to your site much more gladly, knowing that they will find information never published before.

Content creation is fun, efficient, and easy! Try it at least for two or three weeks; it’s enough to see how fast your audience will start growing!