Apart from gambling on casinos, do you know which betting is equally famous? Sports betting! Without any doubt, golf is among the most popular sports in the world. Yes, you guessed it right here we are going to share some information and tips to increase your chances of winning golf bets.

Many people are not still acclimatized with online betting techniques. For them, this is the perfect place. Get to know about everything about golf betting. Let’s dive into the details.

Why do People Prefer Betting Online?

The bricks-and-mortars are becoming obsolete with the advent of the internet era. Bettors and punters now prefer betting online over the old betting method. That’s because the internet comes with loads of benefits.

The unmistakable benefit is the ease of gambling and convenience. You can gamble sitting at your desk at work, lying on the bed, and even when traveling. Especially during this pandemic situation, the internet has allowed bettors to gamble effortlessly.

With mobile telephony, the whole sports gambling realm is now in the bettors’ fist. Compared to the old method, this new technique provides more attractive payouts and good sign-up bonuses. By creating an account on 22Bet and putting in your 22Bet bonus code, you can get a substantial welcome bonus. This leads to comparatively more intense competition.


People can easily bet on not only just golf but any game without having to look for bookmakers. There is also an online bettors community that can come in handy to new to the online world. These communities share much important information and several inside tips. If you are looking for expert advice, then these communities can be very beneficial for you. You can interact with experienced bettors and learn their winning tricks.

Now that you have an idea about the benefits let’s get into the factors you must look for before placing your bets.

Understand the Various Golf Courses

If you ever have been a golfer, you will know that the courses vary from each other. You may not know this, but interestingly understanding golf courses play a significant role in placing golf bets. Every course is made differently from one another.

  • Players who are accurate off the tee will do good on the courses with penalizing rough and tight fairways.
  • Players who are terrific putters are ought to do well on fast, challenging green courses.
  • Players who are a surgeon with your irons will surely enjoy the course set-ups.

To make quick and reasonable gambles, you must have an idea about the golfers’ skill sets and comprehend their favorable courses accordingly. But that does not mean that if any golfer does not putt cannot win in fast, challenging greens. It implies that you might have a tough time deciding to place your bets, so you need to think wisely.

Another thing that you need to consider is the players’ history at specific courses or tournaments. Check the following things about the player.

Check if:

  • they have won
  • were on the top of the leader board consistently
  • Have underperformed at the particular event that you are gambling on.

Keeping yourself updated about the players’ history and the course features can prove beneficial for you in the long run.

Weather Factor

Weather changes can be an important factor while gambling. Not every golfer will react similarly to changing weather. Weather can make things easy or difficult for the players. Some players might not love playing in winters or monsoons and therefore might not focus on their game. On the other hand, few of them love plating under challenging conditions.

For instance, if there is heavy rainfall and the course gets all soaked up, golfers will not get any roll. However, such a condition can be favorable for golfers accurate off the tee.

Bet Multiple Golfers

Betting more than one player increases your chances of winning a bet. Do not bet ten or more different golfers where you will earn just a couple of bucks if you win. If you think 3 or 4 players have the chances of winning, then bet on those golfers. If you can narrow it down to 2 players, then go for those two only.

Betting multiple golfers increases your probability of winning to 80%. But you have to shortlist a few golfers; you do want to bet on all the golfers that in turn may direct you to a considerable loss.

Look for Value

Before you place your bets, make sure you strongly feel that the golfer has a high chance of winning. If you see +1200 on a golfer, then it generally gives a hint about how often does the sportsbook feel that a particular player will emerge as the winner expressed in percentage. To find the percentage, you have to convert the payout odds into a probability using the implied probability calculator.

If you think a player has a 10% chance of winning, you plug +1200 in the calculator, and you realize that the sportsbook has payouts as if the player has a 7.96% chance.

Most Popular Golf Bets

According to the guest writer of this article, Evelyn Balyton, you have a wide range of popular golf bets.

The most recommended bets include;

  • To Win Bets- The simplest and the most popular one.
  • Versus the Field Bets- Enables you to root every golfer except a few.
  • Head to Head Golf Bets- Gives the most significant jump in options.
  • Future Bets- Straightforward and lucrative bet.
  • Prop Bets- Miscellaneous collection of bets.


In conclusion, golf is quite a popular sport, and several tournaments are held around the globe. As a punter, you should know the difference between online betting and the old conventional method. You need to interact with experts if you are new and learn the winning strategies, tips, and tricks. We hope that the tips mentioned above help you to earn more in the coming future.