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Magento and Wix are the most popular e-commerce platforms nowadays. Both of these platforms are known for their quality and became popular because of their features. Their mechanisms offer a good functionality that can create an ideal online store.

However, it is necessary to consider each of these platforms separately so that any organization can determine the most convenient option for itself. Furthermore, this article may be useful for specialists and beginners who want to create an eCommerce.

It is more important to learn some differences between these two platforms than to find something that is similar.

Therefore, today we are going to consider several significant differences between Magento and Wix.

Pricing & Cost

This aspect is essential while choosing the best platform. It is necessary to understand the price policy of both Magento and Wix to make the right decision.


This tool does have free access. Therefore users can try to build something with any payment. That is why you can create your online shop at no cost. Although this platform requires payment for hosting, you can successfully calculate your budget without any loss. The price of Magento is quite flexible, so each company can find an appropriate option.

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This app is different from Magento because of its monthly subscription. The users have to pay a fee to get access. But a beginner company needs to be aware of sudden investments. The payment includes domain but does not include other important features, so it will be necessary to buy additional tools.


Each company is interested in saving its expenses and also in the attractiveness of its site because it is a crucial aspect. Good visuals can keep not only old clients but also attract new customers. What features can be named of Magento and Wix themes?


The user can easily create its own theme from scratch, but it requires experience in coding.

Highlight functions:

  • Animation of the site
  • Customization with flexible interface
  • Slider on the main page of the shop
  • Different types of newsletters
  • Optimization for mobile devices

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Wix has a lot of usual themes, but this platform requires an additional fee for bigger access. Although this variant might be a perfect solution for big organizations, which can afford large financial investments, such costs will not be appropriate for small businesses. Moreover, it is hard to highlight the main features of its editor.


Online security is now one of the main consumers’ priorities. Having a high level of privacy, you will protect your company from losing data and your customers from leakage of personal information.


This tool offers a comprehensive security solution for e-commerce. Moreover, Magento has several extensions to improve safety.

It is important to remember that Magento is an open-source platform, so on your responsibility to monitor the security and protection of data.


Platforms such as Wix have built-in regular safety, as users do not have access to the source code. The Wix team often independently updates security, which allows sites to exist calmly. However, additional protection extensions this platform does not give.

Simple interface

It is well-known that most part of all online entrepreneurs is not IT professionals. Therefore, every company should pay attention to the interface of a particular platform. Let’s discover what features Magento and Wix offer to clients.


The Magento interface is designed in such a way that any user with minimal knowledge has the ability to create a project. Perhaps this project will not be ideal, but this option can be consolidated as an example of a site.


This platform has numerous functions that are able to make the site sustainable. However, you need to be prepared that for the beginner, the process of creation can be long and painful, so this program is good for experienced developers.

Summing up 

Magento and Wix are famous eCommerce platforms that can produce high-quality websites. However, they have differences in the main aspects. Therefore, each company should conduct an analysis of its budget and main goals. Do not hesitate to ask for help from a team of specialists.