With blockchain technology finding its way into virtually every sector in our economy, it is obvious that it is a revolutionary technology more than just code, regulation, and algorithms. It now finds a use case in the finance sector, real estate, supply chain, and more.

And the more its application is improving the value of our lives by the day, the more information about it is finding its way into the internet. So how do you properly navigate the crypto space and stay up to date on valuable developments happening in the industry? Here are some of the top crypto blogs in Europe you might want to follow for daily updates about the crypto world.

Interesting Crypto Blogs You Should Follow In Europe

#1: CoinDesk

This blog is arguably one of the most popular blogs out there with valuable information about Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins. Many crypto websites reference it, and crypto beginners run to it when they are stuck. The blog is owned by CoinDesk Inc, and daily publishes analytical content about the different use cases of blockchain. Without any doubt, CoinDesk is one of the leading blogs in Europe publishing crypto news and everything touching the blockchain industry.

#2: CNN

The blog was first launched in 2013 as Cryptonews.com. The blog publishes news about cryptocurrency, but in a super-detailed way. It supports its content with clear graphs and figures. It gives valuable information about exchange rates, trade volume, and changing market trends.

Although it started out focusing only on Bitcoin, now CNN has expanded its offering and now talks about every cryptocurrency in the industry. One of the things that make the blog preferred in the crypto space is the way it presents its information – brief, structured, and references to other valuable materials. The platform also do a comparison between crypto rivals on a regular basis.

#3: Bitcoin News

Bitcoin News is created in 2012. It is presently run and maintained by Christian Mäder. The blog covers breaking news in the Swiss blockchain and crypto space. The blog also talks about interesting stuff related to Bitcoin and its development. It also curates useful lists of places you can buy bitcoins.

#4: Live Bitcoin News

This is another interesting crypto blog you should know about. It is a global news portal that provides relevant news and information about the crypto space to its readers. Cryptocurrency is a fast-growing ecosystem, and Live Bitcoin News does well to cover it. Ranging from breaking news to expert interviews, experts insights, and analysis, the blog got you covered.

#5: Vitalik Buterin’s Blog

Yes, the founder of the Ethereum blockchain has a blog where he discusses everything from the history and challenges of the Ethereum blockchain. Vitalik Buterin is the founder of the Ethereum network and managed to condense all of his contributions in just a single blog.

He also talks about the development of theories regarding consensus and how regulations should happen in the blockchain industry. If you are an investor looking to gain a more technical understanding of blockchain technology, then this blog should be on your list of crypto blogs you will daily check out.

#6: Bitcoin Magazine

As one of the most established crypto magazines in the world, you can always trust it for reliable information, news, underlying technology, and expert commentary on Bitcoin. Bitcoin Magazine is owned by BTC Media LLC and was created in 2012. This is a blog you can trust for its detailed analysis, education, research, and thought leadership conversations which are all relevant to the crypto community.

The platform caters to crypto enthusiasts and investors across all levels. Whatever you want to know about Bitcoin and other altcoins, you can always trust Bitcoin Magazine to deliver it.

#7: Coinspeaker

Coinspeaker is a Malta-based blog founded in 2014. It is a news source that focuses on blockchain, fintech, cryptocurrencies, and Internet-of-Things. The blog is a huge one with more than 450,000 unique visitors per month. The conversations on the blog cut across happenings in Bitcoin and altcoin markets. It also features daily and weekly updates, regular tech wraps, expert interviews, etc.

#8: Cointelegraph

This is another crypto blog you might want to add to your list. It is an autonomous platform that publishes lots of interesting information regarding the crypto world, including events, information about mining activities, and collections of altcoins.

The blog practically divides its posts into four major categories: blockchain, cryptocurrency trading, crypto news, and mining activities. The blog discusses and analyzes everything happening within the crypto world, including the use cases of blockchain, market prices, medium of exchange, crypto trading, and upcoming coin offerings.

#9: Bitcoin.fr

This is a crypto blog that publishes Bitcoin news and information in French. The blog also discusses everything blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. You can trust the blog for what these technologies are all about and the developments happening to them in the crypto space.


This is a media platform in the German language, and it focuses on digital currencies, Bitcoin, and blockchain. The blog publishes daily updates on all important developments in the digital currency markets, and you can count on it for up-to-date reporting, experts interviews, investigation reports, chart analysis, etc.

In the past couple of years, the blog has become a go-to platform for the German-speaking crypto community for updated information about the crypto space.

Final Note

The crypto space is one that is controlled by updated information. To stay at the top and make the most from the market, you need to have reliable sources of information beside you. In this post, we have provided the top crypto blogs you can follow. Bookmark them now to stay updated with cryptocurrency and blockchain news across the world.

However, don’t forget to critically scrutinize every information you get from the public space. These blogs can only guide you by analyzing data from various sources and presenting it to you. Make sure you do your own research on every information you get.