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Take Your Makeup Off at Night

Before bed every night, Chrissy Teigen removes all of her makeup. Wearing beauty products after dark can be harmful to your skin and cause serious damage over time. For this reason, Chrissy uses natural cotton wipes that not only remove makeup but enrich the skin and reduce surface stress.

Wearing makeup for too long can hinder the skin’s natural exfoliation processes and slow collagen production. Clogging your pores with beauty products may also cause you to unconsciously rub your face throughout the night, which can irritate your skin, and in the morning, you may wake up with a new patch of acne!

Cleansing, Moisturizing, and Applying Sunscreen

Chrissy Teigen has a three-step process for cleaning, moisturizing, and protecting her skin. This routine begins with a cleanser, which cleans makeup, and progresses to a moisturizing lotion. To protect her skin from UV rays, she uses oil-free SPF-30.

Chrissy believes that this combination of products is the best way to keep your face healthy and vibrant year-round! 

Using Extra Moisturizers, Peel Pads, and Pore Strips

Chrissy Teigen loves moisturizers. She is also dedicated to reliable creams. Yet another important aspect of her routine involves using peel pads to clear away dirt and grime that may have escaped the initial cleansing process.

Our skin constantly creates new oils from the foods and drinks we consume. This causes blackheads and other kinds of acne to form on areas like the nose and cheeks. Thankfully, there are remedies for this issue, one of which is pore strips. These products pull the toxins out of the skin and help the whole face appear smoother and brighter.

Incorporating Facial Rejuvenation

One of the easiest ways to look like a celebrity is to use facial rejuvenation techniques. You can begin with the basics by applying moisturizing creams, serums, and exfoliators and work your way up to more advanced treatments like Botox, laser resurfacing, and even facelifts. Chrissy Teigen herself uses Botox and other cosmetic injectables to keep her skin looking smooth and youthful.

An involved facial rejuvenation routine may be a major commitment, but if you do it consistently, it will change your life for the better and give you that coveted A-lister glow!

Pure Aloe Vera to Address Random Breakouts

Everyone has dealt with aggressive, random breakouts. Sometimes, it feels as though acne multiplies just to spite the face! If left untreated, these blemishes can cause permanent issues, like acne scars.

Chrissy Teigen suggests using aloe vera, one of nature’s miracle compounds. Applying aloe vera to acne, scratches, and other blemishes will reduce inflammation and help soothe irritation, all the while minimizing redness. If you forget to wear sunscreen, a thin coating of aloe vera would also get rid of sunburns.

No one is perfect. That’s why aloe vera is such an incredible restorative compound!

Experiment with Different Creams and Tinctures

Chrissy Teigen loves to discover new, useful products. She regularly researches unique items, including serums and special tinctures. She then analyzes which products make the biggest differences. Sometimes, she even combines compounds to observe the effects!

Teigen also takes advice from her friends. So, if you have a loved one who swears by a beauty product, you might as well try it out! It’s best to keep an open mind when it comes to facial rejuvenation and to adjust your daily routine accordingly.

If you stay consistent and passionate about your skincare, you could take years off your face.