The quarantine isn’t a holiday. It’s a serious challenge the world has taken – and we all should show responsibility and stay home. The educational facilities are closed for now – but we still shall continue to learn, because after it’s all over we shall return to our businesses, education included. We also can take the opportunity to learn something completely new – now lots of education programs are either free or greatly discounted for the quarantined people. So, what are the best ways of spending time learning during isolation?

1. Online learning in your own university or college

Even if your university doesn’t have a distant learning platform normally, it could launch one with the start of the quarantine. Even if learning isn’t mandatory, you may still have a look and take advantage of online education. You may finish some modules right from your home and then have a self-made holiday after the quarantine is over.

Some universities may also invite some famous scientists to give some online lectures. It is great to have access to them via an online learning platform. Inviting such specialists in person may be too expensive for the university, but having them online is completely acceptable. So, ask about it, don’t miss a chance to talk to a star of your favorite discipline.

2. Online courses platforms

We are talking about such educational giants as Prometheus, Coursera, Udemy or MasterClass. Lots of these platforms have now opened their courses for free or given really huge discounts for the quarantine time. Usually, these courses cost around a hundred dollars, so now it’s a great time to study them for free.

Some of the courses are learned just for improving your own skills, but some may result in a certificate that will be a huge benefit for your CV. You may learn for the sake of learning or with thoughts of your career – it’s up to you. But we are sure that this is the chance that should be taken! Moreover, you can improve your skills on your own without courses. Just decide on what you want to upgrade. For example, you can improve your essay writing skills. How? Find sources with free examples like and choose randomly the topic to write about. Try to find your own style. Practice as more as you can. The results will be instant.

3. Local courses

Sometimes we all want something simpler and closer to home. Have a look at your local social media groups! Maybe your neighbor is now teaching some interesting crafts and the lady next door is a yoga expert who gives online masterclasses. Quarantine is a great opportunity to support local businesses – local teaching businesses included. You may learn something you need just here in now, in your ordinary life – and also have fun and make new acquaintances.

Local courses have one huge advantage: they are most often live ones. You are watching the pre-recorded video on the big learning platforms but here you may talk to the coach directly, ask them some questions and get answers in live mode. The price can be also much lower than the fee for the same discipline on the other platforms. It may just be more fun, after all!

4. Your own family

It may look weird – but learning together is a great way to strengthen the bonds between the family members and preserve the good relationships when you all are stuck together without the ability to go out and vent. Each of you possesses some unique skills – some of them may even still be unknown to the rest of your family. Try to share these skills with others and see how much fun you can get from it!

Give everyone several days for preparation and schedule one master class per day. Perhaps, someone wants to show what they are doing on their job. Someone may have an unusual hobby they want to share with others. Teaching and learning are processes that create a special connection. While done right, this may give your family lots of warm memories about the quarantine time – and, of course, some new skills.

Quarantine is a time of great stress and of change of all our habits – but it also can be a time of opportunities. You have an opportunity to try the new ways of learning, try yourself as a teacher or develop some skills you never had time for before. Just don’t miss these opportunities! If life gives you lemons, make a new and shiny career from them.