Half-Life involves a series of video games that was developed and published by Valve. The games have been in existence since 1998 when the first and original Half-Life was released. Over the years, the game has developed and has many episodes and series.

As the player, you control a character known as Gordon Freeman, who is a physicist who fights an invasion by aliens. It involves many activities such as storytelling, puzzles, and combat.

In 2020, Valve released the flagship virtual reality game for Half-Life, which is known as Half-Life: Alyx. This game, which was released after many years of speculation, is set in the events between Half-Life and Half-Life 2.

In this game, the players control Gordon Freeman’s partner, known as Alyx Vance, as she tries to fight the alien Combine.

So what or who is Combine Advisor? You are just about to find out what Combine Advisor is by reading through this article.

Who Are Combine Advisors?

Combine Advisors are the main antagonists in the entire Half-Life series. The bio-chemical creatures can be described as emotionless and cultureless beings. The logical beings enslave, assimilate, and exploit others for their own purpose, especially for science advancement.

Combine Advisors are the master race and the force behind the entire Combine Empire. In the Half-Life series, there is a seven-hour war, which was the beginning of the alien’s invasion of earth and the conquering of the human within the seven hours. Combine Advisors were responsible for that seven-hour war.

The pale, large, and grub-like creatures known as Combine Advisors do not have any facial features that you can discern. Instead, they have a device that resembles a gas mask that is attached to their front end.

Additionally, they have a cybernetic eyepiece on the left-hand side of the faceplate. The Combine Advisors also have a long tendril that protrudes from their front. They use the tendril to kill creatures by attacking them with it on the head and driving it into the skull.

They also use the tendril to extract memories and information from the minds of their prey through savaging the brain stem. The brain’s savaging process is said to be too disgusting to contemplate.

The Combine Advisors also have advanced knowledge in technology, and they have incredible psychic powers. When it comes to sounds, the Advisors possess very odd vocalization. Some of them will groan, others will growl like a robot, while others will produce loud shouts and screeching.

Each Advisor adorns a skintight olive green bodysuit that covers the whole of the body apart from the two ends of their body. Around the neck of the Advisors is a collar with golden glyphs. Some of them have black robotic arms at the back of their bodies. The arms make them look like a spider, and they are strong enough to help them grab and lift a human being.

Initially, Combine advisors were a race. Over time, the Advisors used their technological prowess to try and improve their quality of life. However, they ended up being entirely dependent on technology and evolved into their current form.

Combine Advisor Rule

During the Combine Advisor’s invasion of the earth, some of them lived in Citadel City. From there, they ruled the earth through Dr. Breen, who was more or less their puppet. The citizens of City 17 Citadel do not seem to realize the existence of the Advisors and neither does the resistance.

The outward look of the advisors on earth was Dr. Breen, and they seemed satisfied to retain his façade.

In Half-Life 2, a bigger Combine Advisor acted as the Greater-Scope villain and can occasionally be seen ordering Dr. Breen about. In the final battle, the Greater-Scope villain orders Dr. Breen to use the Dark Fusion Reactor of the Citadel city to enter their own universe. When he gets to the universe, the Advisor orders that Dr. Breen be put in a host body. This was done so that he can survive.

The Combine Adviser then takes control of the computers and signs off from the screen to prevent Alyx from gaining control when she tries to stop the teleportation. During the final battle against Gordon, the Advisor opens a portal for Dr. Breen to use for travel. However, Gordon destroys the portal and presumably sending Dr. Breen falling to his death.

In episode two of Half-life 2, the Combine Advisors are still the main antagonists, and they seem to take a more direct role and engaging the protagonists. Barn Advisor is the most prominent Combine Advisor in this episode.

The advisors, also known as Shu’ulathoi, have not yet hatched, and the most powerful Combine forces safeguard them while they are still in their incubation. The Combine forces are on a journey to destroy the White Forest.

During the events in Episode 1, the Barn Advisor had ejected itself from Citadel and crashed on a nearby barn. It emerged from the pod and built a protective structure around itself so that it can mature in growth and abilities.

Gordon and Alyx come across the crashed pod of the Barn Advisor and start experiencing illusions and telekinetic disturbances as they get closer to the Barn Advisor. They decide to kill it by shutting its life support system before it can wake up.

Gordon uses the gravity gun to shut the life support system. However, the structure only peels back, and the Barn Advisor is revealed. The Advisor then slams Alyx and Gordon against the wall and starts to experiment with its powers on the surroundings. It does so by picking objects around it. At one time, the Barn Advisor takes a man and drains his blood and then twists him and throws him across the room.

After defeating the Strides and Hunters who were attacking the White Forest Rocket, Gordon presses the button, and the rocket destroys the super portal, which prevents more combine forces from coming. The Advisors are very angry with this, and they decide to take matters personally.

They attack while Alyx, Gordon, and Eli (Alyx’s father) were about to take off using a helicopter. The First Advisor attacks Eli with its tongue and drains his life energy and the information in his mind. DOG appears when the Advisor was about to do the same to Gordon and attacks it.

In Half-Life: Alyx, the Advisor, reappears as a minor character kills Eli again. However, Alyx undoes his death by destroying the Advisor, and Eli survives.

Combine Advisors are characters in the Half-Life series of games. The creatures were once a race, unlike humans. Using their technological prowess, the creatures increase their quality of life and eventually end up depending on technology to survive. The Combine Advisors invade the earth and attack humans.

Combine Advisors are the major antagonists in the Half-Life series. They can be seen directly engaging with the protagonists such as Gordon Freeman and Alyx. If games are your thing, then you should consider getting the Half-Life series.