Poker Online

Online poker has become a global phenomenon from India to the United States, with over $60 billion in revenue last year online casinos have begun to really dominate the market. Poker and its many variants including Texas Hold’em which is the most popular of all, learning to play poker has never been easier now you can play online and it is available to anybody of legal age to learn and try to win some money. There are some differences with face-to-face poker at the traditional casino tables compared to online poker, not being able to try and read somebody’s reaction to the cards they have been dealt is the main difference for many who pride themselves on reading a “Poker Face”. It is still great fun and can be played anytime, anywhere so long as you have an internet connection via your smart device or computer.

Modern poker is generally thought to have been brought to the United States during colonization and derived from the French game “Poque” and quickly adapted after the Louisiana Purchase in 1803 and soon the popularity of the game spread across North America and beyond. It is now the number one online casino game across the world attracting players to high stake tournaments and individual games alike. Blitz Poker is one such site that offers tournaments and games 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, there is always a hand to be played any time of the day anywhere you may be in the world, just log on and enjoy.

What do I Need to Get Started?

It is highly likely that the computer or smart device you are reading this on is more than capable of playing online poker. The online poker sites and casinos require very little memory from your device and anything that was bought within the last 15-20 years is more than likely to have the capacity to run online betting sites. With the advent and popularity of tablets and smartphones, it didn’t take long for poker sites and online casinos to develop apps that can be downloaded using Android or Apple stores.

After downloading an app or visiting a website to open an account it is very straightforward, create a new account with your personal details including a user name that often cannot be changed and is used when you are playing at the virtual tables. If you only intend on playing for fun and don’t want to put any real money in the account the company that you are playing through will give you signing on credits but these cannot be exchanged for real money. Playing for real money and simply put your credit card details in and set a limit. It’s really very easy and typically only takes minutes and before you know it you are playing your favorite game. Note: you need to be 18 years old to open an account legally.

Which Poker Games Can You Play Online?

The beauty of online poker sites is they can offer a huge range of poker games that many traditional casinos cannot due to floor space restrictions they have. And with so many different variations of poker that people enjoy playing this is better for the gambler or hobby player. Here are some of the most popular games you can play online:

  • Texas Hold’em is by far the most popular poker game played online. A game that is easy to learn and also very enjoyable, you can join free games before deciding to deposit money and get in on the real action.
  • Pot-Limit Omaha, this game is incredibly popular with Europeans and big money players due to the speed at which the game can progress.
  • Seven-Card Stud was until the last decade or so the most popular poker variant in the United States, it still has a massive following but the popularity is declining with people preferring faster and more exciting games.
  • Open-Faced Chinese Poker is a newcomer, only invented in 2011 and now being played across the world of online poker rooms and traditional casinos. Its popularity is giving more established games a run for their money.

These are just a small fraction of the poker games you can play online, it is just about finding your favorite and developing your game to take on the house and other players.

Is it Safe to Play for Real Money Online?

This is often the most asked question regarding any online activity that involves money transactions and is a very fair question to ask. For some time the online gambling industry did have a bad reputation but many countries now taking the issue of cyber-security seriously and enforcing strict laws put in place to protect the consumer confidence has been restored. Online gambling companies employ some of the best individuals and firms to help protect the financial aspects of their business.

Some people believe that playing on sites that originate in their home country is safer than offshore sites but this is not true. Most of the offshore sites are based in countries or territories that have very stringent laws on privacy and financial rules as it is a huge boost to the economy and needs to be regulated to encourage further investment. In the United States, it is different with many offshore companies banned from taking bets in states such as Delaware, New Jersey, and Nevada that have legalized gambling and want to encourage local gambling.

Beginners Should Always Keep Track of Wins and Losses

Gambling can be great fun when you are winning and not so much when you are losing but it important not just to remember the wins that you had and it is more important to remember the losses. By recording all your poker and gambling regardless of the outcome you can maintain and keep track of your money and understand if you are winning or losing at certain games and is it time to shift the strategy to a new game or increase the amount you are playing for.

Keeping track of your gains and losses can also have legal implications especially if you live in the United States, the IRS can come and question the income if you winning regularly, and explaining it can be difficult without keeping a diary of your activity of all the platforms you may be using to play poker or other online casino games. The main thing is keeping a record for your own knowledge and personal records as it may help you in your future strategy when gambling on poker.


With so much competition in the online gambling world, it should be easy to find a good trustworthy site that will offer incentives for you to join and begin poker gambling as a hobby, fun, or for serious money, they cater to all levels of gameplay. Even if you just want to hone your skills and play for free almost all online poker sites offer this service either playing against the house or other like-minded people.

The security concerns of online gambling are a thing of the past and should not be a worry, so there is only one thing left to do, sign-up and enjoy spending your winnings.