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Facebook was launched back in 2004 when people just wanted a place to connect share and grow. However, with the onset of social media marketing as a thing that took over the internet, Facebook has become the world’s biggest marketplace in every sense. I have let more businesses come onto its platform to grow and hence if you run an online business Facebook is a perfect place for you to scale it. But how exactly do you get the engagement for your profile? Well to answer that exact question, we bring to you this article.

Well, one simple way to increase the engagement on your Facebook profile drastically is to buy Facebook followers. However, buying Facebook followers is a methodical process which we’ll talk about a bit later in the article. However, all sites are not equally great when it comes to quality that is why we will also talk about the best sites to buy Facebook followers from. coming back to the discussion, Facebook is a place where the video gets more attention than photos and hence that should be something that you keep in your mind while starting your campaigns. With that being said let’s jump right into 7 surprising ways to increase Facebook engagement quickly:-

1. Find the right time to post

Well, engagement is nothing if there are no people. Even though you have a large following, it necessarily doesn’t mean that you are going to get the same amount of engagement every single time. This is because engagement depends on the time you post. If you upload your content at a time when people are active, your posts are more likely to get better engagement rates as compared to if you’re posting at times when people are not that active. This can be easily found out with the help of general stats that you can find on your page. This will help you out in the long run as you will be able to estimate how people react to your content much faster,

2. Revolve your page around fan-centric content

You can only say so much about yourself and the listeners will fade away if you do it too much. Make content that your fans like hence giving them a reason to stick to your page. If you feel like the content you’re putting out is getting repetitive then audiences will feel it too and won’t think twice before leaving, as a content creator your job is to keep them engaged with interactive content. You can understand what they like by just asking them the questions which is where our next tip comes in.

3. Use Facebook stories to your advantage

Facebook stories are a great way to ensure that you get the right amount of engagement and participation. On Facebook stories, you get to add multiple things that make it much more interactive than a normal post. For example, you can ask your audience questions, take a poll, and so on. This lets you know what your audience likes and dislikes and hence you can make content regarding that as well. Also, since it is recommended by the fans, they will be much more eager to check your content than before, which aids your engagement even further.

4. Collaborate and organize giveaways

One of the best techniques to grow followers is to collaborate with similar pages in your niche. What you can do is lookup for pages that are doing great and are in your niche to collaborate and excel. All that you have to do is create content together and host a giveaway. Make it a rule to follow both your accounts as a mandatory rule to be a part of the giveaway and see your followers and engagement going up. Since the pages are in a similar niche, the audiences will have no problem mixing up and there would be a great exchange of followers as well.

5. Use hashtags intelligently

Every social media platform uses hashtags to improve its search engines. This helps people to search the type of content they want to watch and hence makes it easier to find you if you use relevant hashtags. For this, you need to research a bit about hashtags and the ones that work. When you find the ones that are working as well as are in your niche, you should go ahead and put them in the description and see your engagement going up in a flash. However, beware using the wrong hashtags can have the reverse effect so keep that in mind while putting them to use.

6. Buy Facebook followers

One of the best ways to increase engagement on Facebook is to gain Facebook followers. Facebook followers work as social proof and hence invite more people to follow your page. This automatically takes your engagement up and lets the algorithm know that you’re the account that needs to be highlighted. Since the latest changes in the algorithm requires your content to be engaging and have high participation, and if you fulfill those criteria then it automatically promotes your account. However, bad engagement or poor quality engagement can have the exact opposite effect, which is why we recommend you to use Viralyft, Getviral, and Social for your social media needs.

7. Post consistently and maintain a monthly calender

Having a posting schedule is the best way to be regular. Since you can be busy at times to upload the content, if you use a scheduling service, they can do it for you. All you have to do is create the content and upload it on their website and schedule it to a certain date and time. The website will automatically post it on Facebook. If you are regular and consistent with your uploads then you will be able to see massive growth in your Facebook engagement.


In conclusion, the seven tips mentioned above are to be used if you want to shine on Facebook. Getting the Facebook engagement numbers is not that difficult if you follow a methodical approach. These tips have been used by a lot of influencers out there which is why they are proven and are guaranteed to work. We’re sure if you use these tips, you will witness massive growth, with time. Till then, work on your content and be regular!