Being in love can be a magical and blissful experience. Our partners often show us sides that were not aware of. Being in a happy relationship can make you feel alive and energetic. It can also expand your creative abilities and enhance your self-expression. That’s why breakups can have devastating ramifications on our life. It can leave us feeling confused and detached from our own lives as well as the world around us. That’s why we have this innate urge to get our ex back in our life. So if you had a breakup recently, and are pinning to have your ex-partner back in your life, these are a few things you can try.

Talk to a Psychic

You can choose to speak to a psychic in person or online. When you are in the initial stages of a breakup, you are in a vulnerable state. That’s why we advise you to find a reputable psychic on the internet. Most psychics are expert relationship advisors and help people with problems with their love life every day. If you are in the first stages of a breakup, it is natural to want your ex back at any cost. Reputed psychics that you find in some of the sites will not make promises to bring your ex back in your life. They will provide you help and information that you need to make the right decision for yourself. They can look at your soul agreements using birth charts or other psychic tools. Psychics can also tell you if you were in a wrong relationship so that you can heal yourself and move on.

Some relationship connections have the same pattern from past lives. It is possible that you and your partner went through the same thing in your previous life, and might continue this pattern in the next life as well. It would be your decision whether you want to continue the pattern or break it off. Sometimes when you try to break a toxic pattern, you might notice that your partner would try to enter your life once again. Although you may feel tempted to accept him or her back in your life, it is advisable to ask a psychic if you should do that. Your partner might break up with you again and leave you high and dry.

However, if a psychic sees that the relationship was right for you, he or she can help you get your ex back in many ways. Psychics can give you love spells or love potions that you can use. However, psychics advise that such methods should always get used on yourself and not the other person, or they won’t work. The intention while using them should also be general and but directed towards your ex-partner. The best way to use a spell or a potion is to use them and wait for the energies of the universe to bring them back in your life. You can also use the spell or drink the potion before you know that you might run into them at the college or workplace.


Psychic experts state that self-love is one of the most effective ways to attract your ex back in your life. When you practice self-love, you exhibit positive energies into the universe that can affect the way your life unfolds. If your ex comes across you, they will feel that you are in a positive emotional state that may draw them towards you.

Learn to Adapt

If you learn to adapt to the situation, you will feel positive about your existence. It might help you to see where the relationship went wrong, and whether you should try to get your ex back in your life. Learning to adapt will also exhibit positive energies that your ex will notice when he or she sees you. Your positivity can make your ex try to come back into your life once again.

Heal Your Inner Self

According to psychics, accepting and healing your inner self can rekindle your flame and attract your ex back into your life. After a breakup, you may feel a lot of self-anger and hatred. That can not only be detrimental to your life but also for your karmic energy. Accepting your inner self can embody and balance your soul, which can help you to get back with your ex. Healing yourself can also help you indulge in passionate activities that can be beneficial for your self-image and the image you portray to the outer world.

Whether you can get your ex back into your life or not should depend on whether it is good for you. So no matter how much you want him or her back in your life, you should be ready to accept what is right for you. The break up might be a boon in disguise, and the universe might have better plans for you.