transportation of car on semi-trailer on country highway

Have you decided to take your entire life to Hawaii? Living in this state could definitely be a dream come true for a lot of people. The beautiful nature and the blissful weather are only some of the reasons why you may want to seriously consider moving from “Hello” to “Aloha,” so to speak. Click this to find out about some more reasons.

Anyway, when you decide to take your life there, the next thing you’ll need to do is figure out what to do with your car. Quite an easy decision this will be. Since you’ll want to take it with you, no doubt you’ll need to use the auto shipping services. Driving to this state is, well, not possible, and even if you can travel the distance on your own, all across the ocean, it’s always much better to leave things up to the professionals.

What does the Hawaii car shipping service entail, though? Surely, it can’t be the same as the process of transporting a vehicle from, say, California to Illinois. While that would still be a demanding and long drive, the point is that it would be a drive, and no other transportation means would be involved but a transporter truck onto which your vehicle would be loaded. Things are a bit different when Hawaii is in question.

What Does the Shipping Company Do?

How are things different, though? You’ll learn that by understanding what it is that the car shipping company will actually do. Although, I get the sense that you already have at least a hint of an idea as to what will be different, given that you know where Hawaii is located precisely. In any case, let’s go step by step through what these professionals will do so as to help you comprehend what this service exactly entails.

1. They Pick Up Your Car at the Specified Location

It all begins the same way. Put differently, the beginning of the Hawaii car shipping move is no different than the beginning of the transportation process from California to Illinois, to use the same examples I’ve used above. Basically, the professionals you select will pick up your car from the location you have previously agreed on. This is the step that’s always the same unless you choose to do something different, but we’ll get to that a bit later.

2. They Take It to the Port

This is the stage in which the processes differ. There’s a whole ocean separating Hawaii from the U.S. mainland. Therefore, your vehicle will next have to be taken to the port, which is what those professionals will do. Depending on where you’re located precisely, this could be a shorter or a longer drive, but it is a necessary one.

3. From There, It’s Loaded on a Ship and Transported Across the Ocean

Why is the auto-taken to the port, though? So as to be loaded on a ship, of course. Once it’s loaded, it will be transported across the ocean and then to the location where you will be waiting to pick it up. As you can see, things are fairly simple when experts are handling the trickier part, that is, the part of dealing with the port and the entire transportation process in general.

What Is It That You Have to Do?

Does the above mean that you have no responsibilities whatsoever in the actual process? Of course not. So, you also have to learn what it is that you have to do when you wind up in need of transporting your vehicle to Hawaii. There are quite a few responsibilities you’ll have, so let’s check them out right now.

This could give you some ideas on how the service works:

1. Choose the Right Company

First off, you’ll need to choose a company to do the transportation. Not as easy as it may seem. A lot of research was involved. Checking out different ones and comparing them before you make the final choice is a must.

2. Decide Whether You Want to Drive to the Port Yourself

Remember when I said you can change something regarding the first stage of the transportation? It’s this. You can decide to drive the vehicle to the port yourself, instead of having professionals pick it up at a designated location. What you’ll choose is up to you.

3. Prepare the Car

Preparing the actual automobile is a must. This includes not only finding the important documents but also removing any extras, as well as any personal items from the car. Furthermore, you should wash it and ensure that your tank is only a quarter full.

4. Schedule the Service and Let Professionals Take It From There

All of the above done? Amazing! From here, you’ll only have to schedule the service and let the experts handle the rest. If you’ve chosen wisely, you’ll undoubtedly be happy with the quality of the shipping process itself.