Your Chevy Silverado is a monster of a truck. Whether it has original factory suspension or you’ve installed a lift kit, sitting up higher can make you feel even more powerful. But that same height can compromise your passengers’ safety in one critical way – getting in and out of the cabin. The last thing you want is someone slipping or falling while climbing up into your truck. Fortunately, Silverado running boards can solve this common problem. Keep reading to learn about running boards, nerf bars and other great options.

Running Boards Vs. Nerf Bars

If you’re new to modding your truck, you may not know how running boards and nerf bars differ. Basically, they function the same way. They provide a surface to step on when climbing up into your truck’s cabin. But their origins are a little different. Nerf bars come from the racing world: Race cars were equipped with tubular bars. When a car passed another, these bars prevented the two vehicle’s tires from touching. Today’s nerf bars use the same tubular shape as the originals and feature stepping pads placed near the vehicle’s doors.

Running boards also help you enter your truck cabin safely. The typical running board is completely flat, with stepping surfaces over its entire length. While some trucks feature running boards right from the factory, others are installed aftermarket.

Choosing the Best Options

Both 2021 Silverado nerf bars and running boards provide unique benefits. Nerf bars mount lower, protect the side of your vehicle and perform well in extreme off-roading. Running boards have wider stepping surfaces and can block debris from flying up and hitting your doors. Both feature durable materials such as stainless steel or high-strength aluminum. Many bars and boards also come with simple installation.

With all that said, nerf bars have some advantages over running boards. They’re usually better at going off-road than running boards, thanks to their shape and position. They also offer multiple mounting options – lower or higher, depending on your needs. Snow and ice are less likely to accumulate on nerf bars. Top-rated options include the Raptor Series’ OE-style and Westin’s Pro Traxx models.

Meanwhile, you shouldn’t discount running boards’ distinct benefits. Most feature bolt-on installation that’s typically faster and requires no drilling. With their wider surfaces, running boards also let you wipe snow, mud and grime off your shoes. You’ll also find power-assisted retractable running boards with features like plug-and-play connectivity and integrated lighting. Aries ActionTrac and AMP Research Power Step boards are a few great examples.

Where To Find Nerf Bars and Running Boards

Running boards and nerf bars can improve your truck’s style and safety. With both readily available on the market, it’s easy to find one that fits your truck and meets your needs. If you’re gearing up for your next trip, you may want to check into other upgrades like an F150 tonneau cover or exterior lighting. Shopping at a reputable auto parts and off-roading accessories dealer can help you discover other great ways to equip your truck.