Oracle 1Z0-071 Exam

Oracle 1Z0-071 is a highly sought-after certification test offered by one of the biggest organizations in the world. It is targeted mainly at the database developers who have some exposure or experience in Oracle SQL as well as in the technology of PL/SQL.

The exam is also intended for those individuals who want to flourish their IT career with the Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate credential. It is also ideal for students who want to learn a programming language as their main one.

The Oracle 1Z0-071testevaluates one’s knowledge of Oracle SQL and PL/SQL technology. The examinees should be proficient in designing data models, analyzing complex enterprise scenarios, and creating databases.

What are the main benefits of passing the Oracle 1Z0-071 exam?

This certification exam is all about testing various skills, including those you need to create databases, design data models, and analyze complex business scenarios. The database developers are evaluated on their knowledge and understanding of PL/SQL and SQL technologies.

Therefore, passing Oracle Click is an endorsement of these skills. It is a confirmation that you possess the abilities you are required and you understand the SQL programming language. Having your skills proven by a market leader like Oracle opens doors to endless opportunities for your career growth.

The second benefit of passing Oracle 1Z0-071is that it helps you take one more step towards achieving the highest career standards in your field. Career, just like life, is all about the steps that you need to climb one stepping ladder after another.

Taking this certification exam updates your skills and helps you advance to a specialist in SQL programming from just a mere conventional IT professional. In addition to all these lines, Oracle is also an all-inclusive, recognized certification provider. As a result, adding the associated credential to your resume will make you a very valuable employee.

Another advantage of passing the 1Z0-071 test is that you get to update your knowledge. Actually, this is the most important part. In your IT career, you must update your skills in order to stay aware of Oracle requirements, which are ever-evolving.

Besides, Oracle is always upgrading its database technologies in order to satisfy the industry needs. Therefore, you must always ensure that your knowledge is relevant. This is where the 1Z0-071 certification exam comes in. Passing it demonstrates that you are fully aware of the latest advances in Oracle technologies.

After passing this exam, you can get one of the three certifications. One of them is Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate. This one makes you become more credible and will give your career a significant boost because you will be able to apply your newly acquired skills in your workplace.

Besides, this certificate makes you eligible to opt for more advanced ones so you can continue climbing your career ladder. Finally, takingOracle 1Z0-071 means adding value to your resume. Oracle Database 12c SQL is another credential that generally looks excellent in your CV.

This certificate will distinguish you from those who have just graduated from college and have nothing extra to make them stand out. This will help you stand better chances of getting employed.

What are the most effective tips for passing the Oracle 1Z0-071 exam?

It is a well-known fact that the vast majority of candidates who have already passed Oracle 1Z0-071 used some simple but effective tips when preparing for this certification test. The following hints have helped many students to prepare for this exam and pass it with relative ease. Let’s explore them in detail.

  • Go through the syllabus and the objectives of Oracle 1Z0-071 so you can know what you need to cover and what study goals to achieve.
  • Find what works best for you and ensure that you are comfortable with your study pace.
  • Use proper preparation materials from credible sources. One trustworthy platform that offers up-to-date resources is PrepAway.
  • Solve exam-oriented sample questions and use the materials from PrepAway to learn the format and to know what questions to expect and how to write the best answers. Make this platform your primary source.
  • Know what time duration you have for preparation and then make a study plan based on it. You need to include your free time and your off-days.
  • Spread your study throughout the available period and follow your plan by strictly avoiding any possible last-minute rush.
  • Always study in a cozy environment with fresh air and make sure you are not being distracted by noise, your phone, or anything else.
  • Cooperate with people who are also preparing for this test. Join a study group or an online forum so that you can compare notes and exchange ideas.
  • Identify your strong and weak areas when you complete mock tests and focus on improving your weaknesses in your next study time.
  • Show up early for the Oracle 1Z0-071 exam to ensure that you are starting it while being relaxed and psychologically prepared.
  • Read each question carefully before providing an answer, which should be brief and precise.
  • Ensure you are managing your time properly to avoid leaving some questions unanswered and having run out of time.
  • Before submitting the results, go through the test once again and try to find any minor errors that you might have made when writing your answers.


Preparing for the Oracle 1Z0-071 exam can be a significant challenge. However, if you spend a sufficient amount of time using valid study materials and taking practice tests, reaching your goal of passing this certification exam will be much easier.

Visit PrepAwayfor up-to-date preparation resources and pass your test on the first try, so you can fully benefit from the gains of holding the Oracle Database SQL Certified Associate certificate. Following all the recommendations, you will explore the exam topics, get the required knowledge and skills, and gain useful experience that will help you in the future.