Children get to develop new skills and learn new knowledge in various ways like social interaction, playing, watching, and reading. As a macro skill, reading provides a plethora of benefits to children which include vocabulary expansion, refined focus and concentration, memory improvement, and even stress reduction. Primarily, reading is one of the major ways of knowledge acquisition.

Reading comprehension is that crucial ability which helps children secure a firm grasp of understanding and engagement of the text. Children with enhanced reading skills and comprehension ability are able to excel academically in their current and later years while having increased self-confidence.

However, a lot of parents have admitted to having children that don’t enjoy reading or have not developed a good reading habit for that matter. Fortunately nowadays, parents and teachers alike can rely on interactive learning apps which greatly aid in the academic development and improvement of children. Parents can employ the functions of these free learning apps for kids and design a comprehensive and personalized program that will cater to the unique academic requirements of their children.

Talented and Gifted by Kids Academy is one of the leading interactive learning software to date that can be used as an app to teach kids to read. The T&G curricula are based on CCSS and NYSS standards and contain interactive worksheets, games, and learning videos, on reading comprehension, rhyming words, and vocabulary. The lessons in the curricula are intended for children in Grades K–3 and will help them achieve appropriate reading skill improvements, one goal at a time. These skills include phonological awareness, common vocabulary, sight words, reading and discussing stories aloud, answering questions about informational texts, and many others. Below is an overview of some activities found on the app.

Video Books:

Introduce your child to a refreshingly fun way of reading exciting stories filled with valuable moral lessons. T&G videos will never bore your child and will help develop an active reading habit.

Peter Rabbit Story for Kids | Animated Bedtime Story | Kids Academy



Quizzes are a tool for checking on your child’s reading comprehension ability and improvements. They have voice over for all the text on screen and provide explanations in case a child fails to answer correctly.

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The T&G worksheets are a great way to practice different reading comprehension skills, be it text analysis, matching story with illustrations or defining the author’s purpose in the text.


To sum it up, Talented and Gifted from Kids Academy is an easy to use learning app geared with thousands of tools for a child’s independent and active learning. With interesting and fun graphics, Talented and Gifted by Kids Academy is the perfect remote learning initiative for kids in improving their reading skills and comprehension. Besides ELA and Reading, Kids Academy covers curriculum based lessons on key subjects like Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, and many others for children ages 2–10.