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The number of orders and leads which businesses are receiving through online channels is increasing in the last few years. Hence businesses are trying to improve their online marketing, so that potential customers can find them more easily. Compared to online advertising, many businesses prefer to focus on search engine optimization (SEO) to improve their search engine ranking, since this is the most cost effective marketing method in the long term. Increasingly the website content is an important factor affecting the ranking of the business website, so some considerations while choosing SEO copywriting services are provided below.


One of the major factors which search engines consider while ranking a particular website in its search results, is the content of the website. Most potential customers will search for a specific service or product called keyword which they require using the search engines. Usually the search engines have indexed a large number of websites, and they will rank the websites which contain the keyword higher in their search results. So if the business website has to rank well for specific business related keywords, it should have enough relevant content for these keywords


The first step in SEO copywriting is deciding which keywords are relevant to the business, based on the business profile, main products/services. Based on the amount of keyword traffic, the SEO agency should rank these keywords in the order of their importance for seo. The SEO agency will then check whether the website has relevant content for these keywords. In some cases, the business website may have content with the keywords, yet it may not rank well. In these cases, it is advisable to check the websites of the competitors, to find out why their content for the same keyword is ranking better.

Content strategy

In some cases, the competitor may outrank the business for the same keyword, despite having similar content because it has a better backlink profile. In other cases, the search engine is considering the content quality. Increasingly the search engines are considering the word count of the content while ranking the websites in search results. So after analyzing the competitors, it is advisable to finalize the content strategy, decide on the different topics for the website content, type of articles, word count, whether graphics, or videos will be included, keyword density and also who will write it.

Typically the website has a few pages which are related to the products or services which it is selling, which are usually not updated often since these services do not change often. The website will also have a blog which is usually regularly updated with the latest information and tips from the business. It is observed that websites with a blog have more indexed pages in search engines, and are likely to get more visitors from the search engines. It is also important to ensure that the seo copy-writing is of the highest quality and provides useful information to the reader, so that the visitor will trust the business enough to place an order.