The gaming industry is on the rise, and there are no signs of a slowdown. Players are enjoying multiple releases from AAA companies as well as myriads of games from aspiring indie developers. So, it is possible to boldly conclude that gaming industry is one of the prosperous fields for any professional who wants to become part of it.

However, this is quite a competitive environment, and not everyone is able to find a job as a game developer. The reason is simple – lots of professionals compete for scarce positions. That’s why a properly written resume is a must-have for a game developer who wants to stand out among others and land an interview. This guide will help you to create a great resume!


Traditionally, a chronological resume format has been used to emphasize one’s employment history. Nonetheless, the situation changed, especially in industries such as IT and game development. Recruiters are favoring information about their candidates’ skills rather than the number of positions they held before. That is why the functional format is a better idea for someone who wants to create an efficient game developer application.


As mentioned before, recruiters want to know what you are capable of. The reason is simple – games are becoming more time-resistant than ever before. That is why game companies are looking for people who are knowledgeable of the latest trends and technologies to bring the best practices to the bestsellers. So, your game developer resume should feature the most relevant skills – if you’re not sure how to present them, try looking for resume writing online.


If you have prior experience that is directly related to coding and/or game development, don’t be afraid to point it out when beginning your resume writing. However, remember that only relevant job positions matter to the recruiters. If you are a recent graduate, consider focusing more on your skills and independent projects. This way, you will be able to show that you are capable even without any serious previous experience.


A large part of game companies is using applicant tracking software to filter through hundreds of applications that arrive every day. That’s why it is better to research what a particular company is looking for in its potential employee and use this information as an advantage. A little bit of research should provide you with information regarding keywords that are critical for a position of game developer – utilize them in your resume. If you aren’t confident, try looking for a resume writing service.

Avoiding images and graphs

As mentioned before, applicant tracking software is a thing, and it does not recognize images. That is why it is better to avoid inserting any sort of images that contain critical information in a resume. Try to convert this information into a text format. This way, you are more likely to pass all the barriers and make it to the recruiters!

Final thoughts

Game industry is a great field for personal and professional development. However, stiff competition is one of the factors that can discourage any aspiring game developer from actively seeking a dream job. This is not a reason to give up as there are various ways of getting noticed by both AAA companies and indie developers!

By following the tips regarding resume format, skill section, experience, keywords, and design, you will be able to land an interview with relative ease. If you find this to be way to burdening, there are people who specialize at resume writing online. The thing is – take a serious approach, and you will be successful in finding your dream game developer job.