Are you getting ready for a trip and want to make the best out of your journey and find travel buddies? If so, you should seriously consider using dating apps. These apps let you find people abroad or locals interested in exotic destinations that you can travel with. Who knows, you may even get romantically involved or start planning a wedding with someone by the end of the trip. But whether you already use travel dating apps or not, this article will share the concept of such dating apps, their benefits, and tips to ensure that you use them to their full potential.

The concept of travel dating apps

Travel dating apps create an exciting means to meet and connect with travel companions. Not everyone is a fan of traveling alone; some people enjoy having someone to chat and laugh with during those long rides. What about friends and family, you may ask? Well, they may be too occupied with work and other responsibilities and not be ready to travel with you.

If you are already a lover of apps like Tinder and Hinge, there is no reason to stop your online conversations just because you intend to go on a trip. A lot of people use these dating apps to meet up with fascinating locals and fellow travelers. Who knows, you can have a unique experience, meet long-lost friends, hook up with hot women, get laid, or find your love interest.

Benefits of travel dating apps

Let’s say you are not familiar with online dating apps or haven’t used them before; you will be excited to learn that they are convenient for travels and vacations. Even if you are scared of meeting dangerous people or losing personal data on fraudulent sites, you should know that most trusted dating sites take user safety seriously. Apart from guaranteed security, there are other benefits of using online dating sites.

Seamless transition from online to offline dates

In reality, people often have limited data when trying to find other people they are compatible with. Fortunately, with dating apps, you get to know more about the person online and see if you’d like to meet with them in person or not. This seamless transition from online conversations to offline dates is a strong reason travelers use online dating apps often.

Ensure you travel with people you like

Since online dating apps focus more on compatibility, you get to interact and browse through various options before settling on the person you like. Using a dating app, you can have a custom-made partner joining your tour of the world. With time, your travel date buddy can progress into a romantic affair or a longtime friendship, if that is what you want.

Promote friendships across borders

Contrary to people’s beliefs, dating apps don’t merely exist for hookups, love, marriage, etc. Apart from focusing on the romantic part of dating apps, you can also start true friendships online. When you visit a place for the first time, you can make new friends more quickly with travel dating apps. So if you are relocating or vacationing abroad, dating apps will help you make friends and socialize faster.

Tips for using a dating app while traveling

Are you wondering how to enjoy the benefits that come with having a travel companion from a dating app? Here are some tips to help you ease the process:

Plan ahead

Before making that trip, start friendships with people living in your prospective destination. Even though most freemium dating apps only let you match with people from your current location, check for free trials or subscribe for a month to get in touch with people living in your chosen destination. Then, you can go ahead with arranging for the vacation and keeping your new friends in the loop.

Know the culture of your travel destination

Before traveling out of your locality, research online to know more about where you are heading to. For instance, if you are on a dating app for gay couples and want to find a partner on your trip, find out if the destination accepts same-sex dating and marriage. If it does not, consider keeping your display of affection private or changing locations instead.

Upload decent pictures

If you intend to use a dating app because you need a local guide while traveling, try not to upload suggestive photos of yourself. Uploading pictures of yourself that are indecent may make the supposed guide feel like you are in for other activities aside from exploring the terrain of where you intend to go. For the most part, appearing decent will help you avoid the friction that may come with social and religious beliefs abroad.

Be honest about your intentions

Be clear about your expectations from people who intend to match with you. If you want to hook up with people while traveling, come out clean instead of hiding behind the impression that you are looking for a tour guide. Decide what you want before creating a dating profile to ensure you find compatible people.

Prioritize safety

Be safety-conscious when traveling with or intending to meet someone from a dating app. If you are unfamiliar with your surroundings, find tour guides or use tools that can help you pinpoint your location. Also, don’t disclose your location to someone you don’t trust, and don’t get drunk in the company of strangers or acquaintances from dating apps. Finally, if you feel uncomfortable while you are out with the person, respectfully let them know the meeting isn’t going as planned and take your leave.


Even if you don’t want a romantic affair with someone you met from a dating app, you can still find genuine friends online. Life is an adventure that you deserve to enjoy, so throw a dart on a map, sign up on a dating app, follow the tips in the article to find an adventurer just like yourself, and go on exotic trips with them.


Elaine Coleen is a renowned travel blogger and women’s rights supporter. She is a content manager at WomenandTravel who creates fascinating content for avid travelers and women looking to lead more exciting lives. Elaine uses her impeccable writing skills and vast knowledge of various countries and destinations to provide readers with valuable dating tips.