Instagram likes and followers

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms that people use to share their life moments. The only downside with Instagram is that it can be difficult to gain followers organically, which makes sense since there are so many accounts on the platform. Buying likes and followers help your account grow faster than it would if you were trying to do it yourself. Here are 7 sites where you can buy Instagram likes and followers in 2021.

Best Shops for Buying Instagram Likes

SocialNinja – Fast & Cheap

SocialNinja is the number one site that you should go to if you are looking for Instagram likes. SocialNinja offers competitive prices on their services, and they have a fast delivery time. Another great thing about this site is that if you do not receive your likes, they promise to give you a full refund within 30 days of your purchase.

GrowLikes – Great for Short Time Delivery

GrowLikes is an excellent place if you are looking to buy Instagram follower accounts. You can opt to have your order delivered on the same day, which is perfect if you are in a rush. They also offer special discounts when you buy more than one service at once. Additionally, they have a 7-day guarantee, which means that if the service is not to your satisfaction or does not appear as advertised, you can get a refund.

SocialFellow – Best for High-Quality Accounts

SocialFellow offers competitive prices and a wide range of packages which guarantee you more likes and followers. Also, the site provides 24/7 customer support. The website is also user-friendly, which makes the whole process easier.

SocialCircle – Great for Small Amounts

SocialCircle is a great site to make purchases because it offers small amounts at affordable prices. The site is known for its super-fast deliveries, making it perfect if you need your Instagram account to be updated quickly.

Additionally, the website has a customer satisfaction guarantee, which means that if they fail to deliver the likes and followers they promise, you can ask for your money back.

GrownMedia – Best for High Quality

GrownMedia is a great place to buy likes and followers if you are looking for high-quality accounts. They offer Instagram Likes and regular followers, and they will only use accounts with high activity levels to complete your order. This ensures that your account will not be flooded with low-quality followers.

Additionally, the site offers two different account packages: basic and premium. The basic package gives you 300 likes or followers per order, while the premium package allows you to buy up to 100,000 likes or followers per order.

Instamighty – Best for High Quality + Affordable Price

Instamighty is a widely preferred place to buy Instagram follower accounts. This is because the site offers affordable and high-quality accounts. Moreover, they offer both micro-services and complete packages, so you can buy either one.

Also, the account comes with three different options, a free account, a deluxe account, and an elite account.

  • Free account: This allows you to buy 100 Likes and 50 Followers
  • Deluxe account: This will enable you to buy 1,000 Likes or Followers
  • Elite account: You can buy 5,000 Likes or Followers

IGScialMedia – Best for Timely Delivery + Professional Accounts

IGScialMedia is an excellent place because they offer professional accounts, timely delivery, and you can track your order’s progress. Also, they offer various packages depending on how many likes or followers you need.

Also, IGScialMedia offers discounts when you buy more than one package. Furthermore, they have a 15-day guarantee, which means their service is risk-free for you to try out.

Tips for Buying Instagram Likes Discreetly

Here are the excellent tips to help you stay as safe and discreet as possible:

Buy Likes and Followers with Bitcoin

You can stay as anonymous as possible if you use Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies to buy likes and followers. This way, you can have an utterly untraceable transaction.

Use Different Accounts

Always avoid using accounts that your friends or family are following. This way, it is much more difficult for them to find out you are buying Instagram likes and followers. Additionally, use different email addresses to sign up to prevent them from finding out about your order by looking at your email history.

Cancel Orders

Always keep your account active by uploading content often. However, you may not be able to post frequently. In this case, ensure you do not forget to cancel your orders. Otherwise, you may end up buying likes and followers for months before you realize it.

Keep a Low Profile

If your friends or family notice that you are buying Instagram likes and followers, it is best to keep a low profile. Do not argue with them or try to justify your actions. Instead, let them know that it is just an innocent picture boost.

Always Be Professional

If someone from your work or school finds out that you buy Instagram likes and followers, ensure you maintain professionalism. You can justify your actions by letting them know that you go on social media to promote your business, work, or school. Besides, the fundamental reason you buy Instagram likes and followers is to increase your social proof for marketing purposes.

What Are The Signs of a Fake follower?

Below are the signs to look watch out for a fake follower

  • A new account that only has one post with no additional activities for a long time
  • Suspicious engagement: The post only has a couple of likes and a few comments
  • No geographical location: However, not all fake accounts have the exact location. If you suspect an account of being fake, check where they are from and if their country doesn’t fit with what they post
  • An account that follows a bunch of people and gets followed back quickly is usually fake. This is because most real accounts would not follow back that quickly or follow back at all
  • Check if the account is new and its initial posts comprise generic content like quotes or inspirational speeches. People usually use these types of posts to get followers rather than following people themselves

What is a good Like Follower Ratio for Instagram?

Typically, the 1% to 2% rule works well for Instagram. This is because if you have too much engagement on your post, it will look spammy.

What are the Risks of buying Instagram likes & followers?

Buying Instagram likes & followers also comes with a cost. They include.

  • Costly Accounts with Little Promise of Returns: This occurs especially if you buy fake accounts and end up losing your hard earned money
  • Less Engagement: Generally, buying likes and followers will not explicitly enhance engagement. Instead, you will be increasing you’re your client base and not your commitment to content creation
  • Results are Short Lived: Your numbers could skyrocket and within a short time your content becomes irrelevant. This will force you to incur extra costs to return back to the limelight making it a costly affair.
  • Exposure to Hackers: This means your account could get hacked if you buy Instagram likes & followers from the wrong website

Tips for growing your IG account organically

If you don’t want to get into any trouble, you should organically grow Instagram likes and followers. Here are some tips to help you grow your Instagram account organically:

  • Create great content: Create content that will interest your target market. Also, try to create information that is valuable for your followers to consume
  • Use hashtags: This will help you get more exposure for your content even when you don’t have many followers
  • Collaborate and Network: Collaborating with other Instagram users can boost your exposure and reach. You can also find other influencers to collaborate with for cross-promotion
  • Give value: When you post, always ask yourself if your followers will really benefit from your posts
  • IG Giveaways: They are also known as loop giveaways, and they can be an effective way to grow your audience. Usually, they provide leverage with other like-minded people which ensures you remain relevant in your niche


Will Instagram Delete Fake Followers?

Unfortunately, Instagram will not delete counterfeit followers. Even if they were able to detect and remove

them, they would be easily replaceable.

Which is better, Likes or Followers?

The best thing to do is get likes and followers together. You can also buy Instagram likes and other packages that include real followers, like Instagram Followers 35k+ & Likes Endless.

Do Likes Matter on Instagram?

Likes matter a lot. A post with many likes is very likely to be shown in the Explore tab, but without followers, it is unlikely that it will be shown. This is because Instagram’s algorithm uses engagement to

measure how interested people are in your post.

How Do You Get 1k Followers on Instagram?

To get 1,000 followers on Instagram, you should follow at least 300 people and have 30 posts. You should then promote your account as much as you can through other social media platforms.


Instagram is an excellent platform for businesses to market their products and services. However, if you want to get more exposure on Instagram, you must get Instagram likes and followers. Getting legit followers organically is essential to growing your Instagram account and marketing your business/ content. However, you can choose to buy packages that come with real Instagram likes and followers. Just make sure not to get scammed!