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Experts believe that 2022 will be a turning point in the history of cryptocurrencies. Until now, mainly individual investors have invested in cryptocurrencies, acting at their own peril and risk. Now digital assets are already close to becoming a generally accepted asset class along with securities and precious metals.

This will be the time for the formation of public opinion and the adoption of blockchain technology at the state level. It is possible that the first state blockchain projects will appear this year.

Criteria for choosing a coin for investment

Any investment is always associated with a certain amount of risk, especially when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Yes, a deal can bring huge profits, but it can also ruin. Logging into https://letsexchange.io/ and buying any of the 300+ coins available is very easy. But investing at random is a very bad idea. So what to look for when choosing a coin?

  • Team. If people who already have successful experience in implementing similar ideas are working on a project, this is a strong argument in favor of investing.
  • Technology prospects. In addition to primary data from developers, it is highly desirable to study independent expert opinions.
  • Active discussion of cryptocurrency. The most authoritative forum for crypto enthusiasts is Bitcoin Conversation. The greater the interest and the more active the discussion of the cryptocurrency, the higher the likelihood that it will live and develop for a long time.
  • Project website and socially active community. An intuitive, no-frills, multilingual site is definitely an important part of a potentially successful project. Numerous active publics of cryptocurrency fans in social networks are both an indicator and an incentive for investment activity.
  • Frequent pumping. Pumping is a speculative price increase that provokes an increase in demand for an asset. This trick is only possible for fairly large investors and traders who have access to their own verified sources of information. Accordingly, they choose for pumping those assets on which they can really make good money.

Promising cryptocurrencies 2022

Each of the experts has its own vision of the prospects for the development of the cryptocurrency market. And yet, some coins are fairly stable in the ratings of the most attractive for investment in 2022. Among them are Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) and Ripple (XRP). So which is better to choose: HBAR vs XRP?

Ripple (XRP)

The project was originally created with an eye to the distant future. The developers did not plan to compete with centralized financial institutions but created a tool to modernize their activities.

In light of the expected expansion of the scope of cryptocurrencies, this is a strong argument in favor of XRP. Dozens of large banks already cooperate with Ripple, the coin is among the ten most valuable cryptocurrencies.

2021 turned out to be a difficult year for Ripple, the coin set two local highs at levels around $1.8 and $1.4. XRP is currently trading in the $0.7-$0.9 range. Experts consider it underestimated and predict the probability of growth to $3. Ripple’s difficulties are largely due to litigation with the US Securities Commission (SEC).

Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR)

Technically, Hedera Hashgraph can eventually become a worthy competitor to Visa and other payment systems. Now the coin is ranked 33rd in the market ranking and is trading in a narrow range below $0.3. So far, experts are rather reserved in assessing the prospects for further price growth both in the near and in the longer term. The most likely high for this year is around $0.59.

In fact, no one knows how much the price of a coin can change, how quickly and when exactly this can happen.

The project is supported by IBM, Boeing, Deutsche Telekom, Google, and several other large companies. There are high hopes for Hedera Hashgraph, as DAG technology is free from the problems inherent in traditional blockchains. It is more environmentally friendly and positively perceived even in developed countries.

Which coin to invest in

Such superficial information is too little to make a final decision. To make your decision more informed, study both coins in more detail and remember that cryptocurrencies are a long game.