Half-Life 2: Survivor is an exciting frantic video game. It was released back on June 28, 2006, by a producer named Taito.

It is based on the original Half-life game. It, however, does not incorporate any story elements, levels, or physics-based puzzles from the original Half-life 2. The game is a first-person shooter genre that can be played by one person or multiplayer of up to 8 people at a particular time.

It can be played in three different modes; story, mission, and battle. It has advanced graphic, sound features as well as character display.

If you are a fan of video games, you should try Half-life 2: Survivor.

How do you play Half-Life 2: Survivor?

In 2006, when the game was initially released, it could only be played in an arcade. Over the years, advancements were made, and Half-life 2 survivor is available on Windows, Xbox, Linux, Android, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Mac OS X.

When playing at an arcade, players control their movements using two joysticks and two-floor pedals. The left joystick to control a player’s movement; you can even make a 180° turn. The right joystick allows the player to look around and aim. The left floor pedal is used in crouching and the right one in jumping.

The game runs on a machine cabinet using a 32 inch LCD screen having a resolution of 1360×768 pixels. The game has PC components running on a Windows XP operating system. It runs on two machines; deluxe and a small space-saving version featuring the upright factor. The difference between the two is the size and sound system. Deluxe machine has a 5.1 channel surround sound system.

The game has a smart card for storing players’ data. Since the game is network-enabled, players in different arcades can play with each other.

Half-life 2: survivor is divided into ten chapters, which have short levels. A player does not have to play the chapters in order. Any random order can be followed. Each level comes with particular objectives ranging from killing enemies or making it to the exit. A player has to avoid spending so much time on one level since each comes with a set time limit.

The game purely focuses on combat, unlike the original Half-life, which had puzzle-solving aspects in it.

Mission and battle are multiplayer modes that can be played over LAN or the internet. Battle mode consists of a team of 8 players. If team members fail to meet the required number, bots are used in place of actual players. The mission mode is made for co-op.

The goal of the game is to earn 25,000 before the enemy team or have more points than the enemy before the game ends.

To earn points, players have to fight their enemies through combat. After killing them, they pick up their dogs and earn 500 to 1000 points. The number of points earned depends on the enemy’s mark. Bots win a player only half of the standard points.

A player earns Survivor Gold (SG) each time they play. These can be used to purchase extra items such as skin, weapons, emblems, or customize already owned weapons.

In 2007, an updated version 2.0 of the game was released. It has new additional features including;

  • Single and tutorial modes for the battle mode
  • 21 more weapons for battle mode
  • A Survivor camp that allows players to see their stats and modify classes in a browser.
  • Three new maps used in battle mode
  • A new character for the multiplayer game modes; the Medic
  • New battle submodes; tutorial and single
  • Additional customization options in survivor camp that can be used in player skins and emblems.

In June 2013, a fan ported PC version was also released.

How does the game unfold?

Half-life 2: survivor is a Japanese arcade adaption of Half-life 2. Despite lacking most of the characters from Half-Life 2 missing, the G-man character is featured. The G-man cut introductory scene is the only thing incorporated from the original Half-life game.

The game has three modes; story, battle, and mission. The mission mode has three objective maps with three different levels; normal, hard, and super hard. The goal of the maps is to collect gems, destroy zombie spawning points, and escape. A player earns points by fulfilling these objectives.

In the battle mode, there are four on four team matches. Players are allowed to choose between two different factions; combine and human resistance. All the factions have five classes of troops; rangers, soldier, sniper, engineer, and Medic. Earlier, players could battle others from all around the world. After February 1, 2010, the only modes available are single and tutorial. The network service was shut down, resulting in multiplayer modes not being available.

In single, player battles against 1 to 4 enemies controlled by a computer. In tutorial mode, a player joins forces with three aliens (controlled by a computer) versus four enemies also under a computer’s control.

In story mode, players advance through partial combat scenes adapted from the first Half-life. A player follows neon-lit guiding arrows. The mode has ten chapters, and each one has levels with goals. The goals can be to ‘kill combines’ or ‘find your way to the goal.’ After a goal is completed, a player is taken to the next level. Players’ progress is saved on a removable card enabling the player to continue and choose a new chapter on the next visit.

Once a player completes all the levels of the chapter, the game ends.

Half-life 2 is quite impressive. Even though it was initially only found in Japanese arcades, the game can now be found in different platforms all over the world. It consists of amazing missions and objectives to be fulfilled throughout each level. Players are also able to explore exciting features in the game, such as customizing their weapons and skins. Expand your video game adventure. Have fun at gaming with Half-life 2: Survivor!