With the passage of time, the urge to understand the importance of mental health has increased. Mental health can affect how we think, feel and perceive things. Not just this, but it also directly influences the choices that we make. Mental health is essential at all stages of our lives. The mental health of a five-year-old is as important as that of a 65 years old.

When you stop prioritizing mental health, it can lead to several mental disorders, which can have adverse outcomes. This can affect how you carry out things on a regular basis and how you function all day.

When we talk about black people, they are at a major risk of developing mental health issues like depression. It is because they suffer a lot of bulls and rants in their daily lives, which hostilely affects their mental health.

Let’s have a look at several factors that prove how mental health is essential in our lives and how it affects our regular functioning. Not just this, we’ll also look at why a wellness program is necessary for the black community.

Physical Health

It is said and is proved through some sobering statistics that poor and inadequate mental health can lead to unhealthy decisions and diseases. This can lead to some severe health complications, which include heart diseases, high blood pressure, and several other chronic diseases. This clearly shows that once wellness programs for black people are introduced, the chances of them being physically and mentally unwell would be reduced by a significant margin, and they would feel a lot better than what they must be feeling without the aid of a wellness program.


One of the most saddening facts that you might have also noticed that black people are more aggressive, and the reason behind this is the things they are going through, which includes bulls and a lot of discrimination. This thing affects their relationships which indirectly saddens them even more. Wellness programs can help them in sustaining their relationships as they would get a chance to reduce their aggressive behavior.

Health Risks

Wellness programs reduce the chances of black people being at risk of developing diseases. They are less likely to get involved in harmful habits such as substance abuse, that further reduces the risk of them getting sick.


It is statistically proven that wellness programs have enabled a lot of people to stay happy, which improves their behavior in their daily lives and leads to them making sound and wise decisions.


Wellness programs help black people improve their behavior and cope up with mental stress more efficiently. This allows them to enhance their productivity in their regular lives. This helps them be more successful. Statistics suggest that wellness programs have helped black people improve the quality of life in general.

Lower Healthcare Costs

Wellness programs lessen the healthcare costs as it plays a vital part in diseases prevention. Wellness programs reduce the chances of being ill, whether it is mentally or physically, which can lead to happier and better life.

Mental health encompasses emotional, psychological, and social well-being. Prioritizing it should be a priority in. A sound mental health means a happier and healthier life.

The reason why the black community is seen to be so aggressive is because their mental health is extremely compromised that causes them to behave in a way that’s unacceptable to the society. They suffer from discrimination, lack of equal opportunities, lack of basic facilities and the list goes on. All of this affects their mental well-being massively.

However, thanks to the growing number of wellness programs that black people now have someone to look up to who can not only speak for them but also help them through the journey and ensure their well-being, both mental and physical. Black community has been a target of extensive racism since a very long time but thanks to wellness programs that the black people have someone to address the emotions that have been welling up inside them. programs like aafs.net are God-sent. Helping the black community improve the overall quality of their life.