Automatic masslooking of Instagram Stories on behalf of the promoted account, this is an additional source of traffic and referrals.  In addition, when tracking the actions of subscribers, you can not spend limits on likes, but simulate interest by viewing stories.

Try mass browsing of Instagram stories for 5 days using the storieviews.com service!

A new trend and an Instagram loophole that has not yet been closed and which is becoming more popular every day.  Instagram is loyal to viewing stories, so they have huge limits.

As practice shows, the tests were successful!  Everyone who took part had an increase in coverage from 1000 to 3000 unique per day, which is a very cool indicator!  👍👍👍

While you are doing your business or relaxing, your account views millions of Instagram stories, attracting the attention of the target audience. Intuitive interface settings will help you get started in a matter of minutes. Now your account will not be blocked due to Instagram sanctions. Masslooking allows you to grab the attention of real targeted Instagram users.  Unlimited number of views without limits will help you to establish contact with each potential client.

❓ How it looks technically:

Your account looks at stories of people, people can be filtered as well.  Coverage from 100 to 200 thousand stories per day!  Those.  your account will view several hundred thousand stories in one day.

❗ What gives?

From 1000 to 3000 people go to your account (do not confuse with subscribers), you get post coverage, likes and referrals to your site or other targeted action.  And, as a result, sales growth!

After the introduction of the new functionality in the form of Instagram Stories, users post significantly more stories than posts.  This is due to the fact that Stories disappear after 24 hours (but some can be fixed in highlights), and there is no need to worry about making them beautiful and so on.  This is content with a limited lifespan and fleetingness is its main feature.

Nevertheless, any Instagram user, posting a story, wants it to be viewed by as many people as possible, so by the way, in Stories you can use hashtags and geolocations, according to which some stories also go to the TOP and gain additional views.

As a result, after posting the Story, many people look at the statistics of views and detailed statistics, where you can see who exactly viewed the story.  Most often there are those who are already subscribed to the user.  Therefore, seeing new accounts there, a person, due to an involuntarily arising interest, goes to see who it was.