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Be Realistic: Plumbing Myths Homeowners Should Know

Almost all homeowners aim to keep their homes well-maintained. Although some are very diligent when it comes to home improvement and maintenance, it is inevitable to experience a few problems in the home. One of the common...

How to Create Valentine Decorations & Gifts for a Rose Theme

Roses are Valentine's Day symbol, and they make for the perfect Valentine decorations for your home. This year, use this tried-and-true symbol of love and decorate your space with a rose theme. Here are a few ideas...

Cutting Mat – Some Tips To Fix A Distorted Craft Cutting Mat

One of the most common problems that people in the arts and crafts hobby need to deal with in the case of their cutting mat, is when it gets deformed. For the most part, a deformed mat...

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Student Loan Default Rate Nearly Doubles

"Unlike mortgages, student loans are very difficult to walk away from," researcher notes Increasing numbers of college and university students are taking on record amounts of debt and then defaulting on their student loans, according to a report...