According to the professionals, giant Nexon is one of the great South Korean companies that have already invested $100m in Bitcoin, followed by Tesla. The majority of the companies in Asia are already investing money in Bitcoin. Some multinational companies like digital payments specialist square & Tesla have invested in Bitcoin. By 28th April, Nexon claimed that they had shifted some part of cash in the Bitcoin. They have bought 1717 bitcoins that cost $58,226 per Bitcoin, including the expenses and fees for approximately $100 million.

The company that is operating in Japan & already listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange was launched in 1994 by Kim Jung-Ju, who is a billionaire in South Korea. It is one of the most popular developers of mobile games & PC as well.

Nexon has already claimed that the investment of Bitcoin purchase depicts almost 2% of the company’s total cash. In April, the developer of Meitu Xiuxiu disclosed that they had accumulated approximately $100 million of Ethereum and Bitcoin. Hong Kong-listed company had already announced their plans to purchase almost $100 million of Bitcoin with cash reserves. They have claimed that Bitcoin is the best cryptocurrency in the world that has a considerable amount of room for appreciation in value.

Footsteps of the electric car maker

If you want to know more about Bitcoin trading, then one should invest a significant amount of time in the research and opt for the best company. After that, you should visit where you will able to get proper information about trading. No doubt, two international companies are already following the footsteps of the biggest electric car maker company Tesla. So many global companies are already investing money in cryptocurrencies. They are investing money in Bitcoin that has already become the most valuable cryptocurrency.

Announcement of Tesla

In the month of February, Tesla has already announced the investment of $1.5 billion in Bitcoin. It has been already noted that its board approved the investment policy of EV maker’s CEO of Tesla Elon Musk is considered as one of the most popular supporters of cryptocurrencies. They have already disclosed that their company has sold more than 10% of its holding of Bitcoin. Apart from that, Jack Dorsey is the co-founder of Twitter who has already made the significant digital purchases of the currency. The majority of the companies are already accepting Bitcoin as the primary form of payment. According to the professionals, Bitcoin has already initiated surging towards the end of 2020 as investors. CEO of Berkshire Hathaway has already claimed that Bitcoin doesn’t have any underlying value.

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Virtual currencies are continually retreating so sharply and badly. The majority of the traders are continually getting used to Bitcoin. Recently, a Bank in Japan has already announced that they will reduce overall purchases of the asset in a move that signaled the marginal tightening of the policy.

China’s Crackdown

Miners are continually struggling to liquidate the crypto holdings because Beijing has already frozen several bank accounts. The majority of the miners are already struggling while swapping crypto for the cash. Miners are already operating in the China required cash like everyone else. They are already investing in Bitcoin holdings in the market to cover their additional expenses. Chinese miners are controlling more than 70% of the hash rate of the Bitcoin or mining power that is already struggling to liquidate their holdings of cryptocurrency for cash because their cards & bank accounts have been frozen by Beijing that has become the main part of the crackdown of nationwide on the fraud of telecommunications.

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