By 2022, more than a billion devices will be running Windows 10. Microsoft has issued considerable updates and many new operating systems since its first release in 2015. However, the normal form still reigns supreme. It installed on your desktop or laptop computer doesn’t imply you’re taking advantage of all of its features. If you’re like most Windows users, you’ll stick to what you know and go somewhat outside of your comfort zone.

Windows 10 Professional is the version of Windows for businesses that offer extra capabilities to Windows 10 that are generally only required by enterprises that demand stronger data security and multi-user administration tools. It provides more powerful functions without taking anything away from home users.

Let’s look at 5 helpful tips from Windows 10 Professional to help you decide if it’s worth the cost for you.

The Quickest and Easiest Way to Search in Windows 10 Pro

It is undeniable that the search tool in Windows 10 is the most useful across the entire OS. Rather than just allowing you to locate a lost file, the search feature has been integrated into system menus as well. To start, look for the symbol on the left. The default search window displays the most frequently used programs as well as the most recent activity, allowing you to choose the apps and files you rely on quickly.

By typing on the taskbar at the end of the search field, Windows will find what you were looking for. For a more targeted search, you can click one of the three icons at the top left of the screen. The left-to-right navigation enables you to restrict your search to Apps, Documents, or the Web.

Use Windows 10 Professional Without Activation

If you do not have a valid windows 10 retail key, you can skip the installation procedure and proceed with the inactivated edition.

The advantage is that there are just two drawbacks to being unable to activate Windows 10. Unlike in the main portion of the screen, there’s a watermark in the reduced right corner. It says you’re running a non-activated copy of Windows.

Another downside of operating a non-activated Windows 10 pro is that you cannot utilize personalization features such as altering the desktop wallpaper, mouse cursor, or desktop theme. If you use a Microsoft account that is synchronized with another computer and has a custom wallpaper set up, the wallpaper will be displayed on your inactive Windows.

Apart from that, Inactivated Windows will function normally and will receive automatic updates. We’ve heard of people using inactivated Windows for years or even months without incident, but we can’t guarantee that Microsoft won’t tighten down and restrict functionality any further in the near future.

Keep focused with Focus Assist

It’s pretty unusual for us to get interrupted while working. Neutralizes our focus by making notifications appear at random times. Focus Assist is available to assist you in staying on track. Simply flip a switch to prevent notifications, alerts, and other notifications from bothering you when you’re trying to keep on track.

Focus Assist is accessible via Settings >> System >> Focus Assist.

Make sure that “Priority Only” is selected in the Focus Assist options. You’ll notice “Customize your priority list” beneath this choice, where you can select which people and applications you want to get notifications from right away.

The absolute most important thing has been done so that you can concentrate entirely on what needs to be done. When ready, your action center will show you the highlights of what you missed when Focus Assist was turned off.

Cloud Clipboard – Have You Heard of It?

Few individuals take advantage of this function. Cloud Clipboard is a service that allows you to easily copy and paste links, text, and pictures across many devices.

To access the cloud’s clipboard settings, hit Windows + V.

It displays the copied stuff in the cloud clipboard, including HTML and images smaller than 1MB. Text taken from the history of your clipboard may be shared throughout all devices linked to a single Microsoft account, as long as it is no larger than 100kb.

Click left on a specific item of clipboard history to choose it. Choose to paste it from the menu. Alternatively, click Ctrl +V to copy your selected material anywhere you want.

The ability to use the Dark Mode and the Night Light

Do You Usually Work at Night or in the Morn? Excessive brightness has been linked to headaches and eye strain in darkness.

Night Light: Now that most of us are logging in to video conversations, such as Zoom, throughout the day, your face might look overexposed from the bright white light of the screen. You can enable Night Light in the System and Display settings. Night Light is referred to as a “blue light filter,” which improves your sleep while reducing eye strain and making your display look warmer at night. Despite this, constant use of it throughout the day will make you appear much better when you make numerous video calls throughout the day!

The Dark Mode: You may choose “dark” as the default Windows or application mode under settings >> customization>> color. It darkens your dazzling white screen, causing most of your Windows apps and functions to display white text on a grey or black backdrop. Try out different settings at various times of the day to find out which settings work best.


The number of new features in Windows 10 Professional is nearly unfathomable. After reading all of the helpful tips we’ve mentioned, it’s wonderful to realize that you can utilize all of the capabilities of the professional edition without obtaining a Windows 10 professional retail key. Microsoft has crammed the operating system with productivity-boosting features, time-saving tools, and hidden functions that go unnoticed yet alleviate common annoyances.