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Managing PDFs can be time-consuming especially if you don’t have names for files or a converter tool. Luckily, there are ways to go around these issues and save your business from common cyber threats due to disorganized PDFs!

So if you want to learn more about managing business documents, then keep reading our article!

1. Use a PDF Editor 

The first step to managing and editing PDF documents is getting an online PDF editor. Luckily, some of them are free of they offer a free 30-day trial.

One of the best, free online PDF editors generate pdf c# with this software, you can name files, edit them, or just make minor changes!

2. Protect Your PDFs 

When sending PDFs back and forth, you must create a secure password! Not doing so can leave to common cyber threats such as stolen PDFs and account information. However, be aware that you’ll need to provide the recipient with the password.

This is when things can get tricky as sharing passwords can lead to cyber threats as well. However, you could invest in a password manager or only send PDFs to those who need them!

3. Initial Your PDFs

An electronic signature can help reduce waiting times during the final stages of an agreement. A lot of the time, we see deals taking longer than they should all because the person cannot access a printer or faxer to sign documents. Instead, you can start doing electronic signatures. They are secure and take just a few seconds!

4. Safely Merge Your PDFs

A great PDF management strategy means that you can safely transfer data and showcase it. Therefore, merging PDFs will come in handy when you need to present your work to colleagues, clients, or your boss. By doing so, you can present organized slide shows with multiple files of information!

So the first step to merging multiple files is to convert each file into a PDF. The best PDF editor will allow you to convert files into common file formats. You’ll also want to have a pdf editor that supports file merge. This way, you don’t have to go back and forth between various sites.

Once you’ve merged your businesses documents, you can incorporate them and edit them to form a comprehensive slideshow or guide.

5. Convert Your PDF Into JPG Format

PDFs can be difficult to send through email because they’re larger than a standard image file. Oftentimes, PDFs can become grainy and unreadable especially if the recipient is reading the PDF on their tablet mobile device.

There are also other issues for website developers. For starters, their clients will need to install an external plugin to view any PDFs. Overall, this causes more lagging and wait times.

Thankfully, there’s an alternative to all of these issues. All you need to do is convert your PDF to JPG format. However, with this, you will lose some image clarity. Nevertheless, if the file doesn’t need to be printed or enlarged, converting is still a great option!

This option is great because JPG files allow the recipient to open the file from any device while still being readable. Lastly, you could convert your PDFs into an image.

Managing PDFs Has Never Been So Easy

Managing PDFs has just become less stressful because of these simple tips. So we hope you take what you learned and incorporate these tips into your everyday life. Remember that managing PDFs should be easy and concise.

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