Since its humble beginnings in 17thcentury France, roulette has been a game that has captivated its players and consistently remained one of the most popular options inside land-based casinos. In more recent years, roulette has again risen and remained at the top end of the popularity scale at online casinos too. But what is it that makes an online roulette so popular?

Mimicking the Classic

Why fix something if it isn’t broken? There’s a reason roulette was popular for a long time before it was available to play online, and a lot of it is down to its simple format and the ease of playing. As such, online roulette titles want to keep the premise of playing virtually as close to the real-world alternative as possible.

Generally, the look of the wheel has remained exactly the same as the kind you would find in a land-based casino, and you are able to place exactly the same kind of bets, such as red or black, high or low, correct number, correct group of numbers and so on. Just like with the visuals, the audio is also designed to replicate the noises you would hear as the wheel spins and the ball lands, so the player feels like they are getting the full roulette experience.

Variety and Bonuses at Your Fingertips

The beauty of playing roulette online is that, as well as having an experience that is similar to the bricks-and-mortar equivalent, there is the option for added extras and more variants of the game too. For example, on there is a multitude of roulettes to choose from, including classic, 20p, and premium roulette so the individual can tailor their game to their preference.

Not only is there a significant variety of roulettes available at your fingertips in the online gaming world, but playing virtually also means bonuses and conveniences that would not be available in a land-based casino are available to the player too. For example, online providers may offer free spins, pre-set lists of bets to place, or an auto-play function. Each of these options increases the ease of play and contributes to the popularity of online roulette.

The Human Element with Live Hosts

One of the newer features of the online roulette world is the ability to have a live host on screen. Rather than the computer just generating and displaying numbers using RNGs, as long as you have the internet connection to stream it, the numbers come from a real-life table and the ball is spun live by a human host. Companies such as have built their business around providing online gaming operators with the facility to stream live hosts to their customers, in order to create the most authentic online casino experience possible.

When it comes to online roulette, the oldies are the goodies and gameplay is king. So why change something which, according to, has been around for over three centuries? Ultimately, the most popular online roulette games will keep the same format of land-based roulette but also offer variety and bonuses, and, thanks to modern technology, can be made even more exciting with the addition a live human host and soon, VR.