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Online businesses have steadily increased over the past years, especially after the worldwide pandemic. Aside from the convenience that it offers both sellers and buyers, online platforms also post endless opportunities for anyone, no matter what resources they have, as long as they can give value to what they put up for sale. This is why it’s not surprising that many people want to start their own online businesses.

However, picking a business that isn’t for you may only lead to a waste of time, effort, and money. From selling your hand-made goodies to striving to be the best Forex blog, you’ll find that the most fitting business depends on your skills.

Below are 7 easy ways to earn an income:


Potential Income: Recorded highest income of up to $30 million

If you have a flair for talking and recording broadcasts, then go and start a podcast series. It’s nothing short of a radio that you have full control of. Cultivating a loyal base of listeners will allow you to sell products and services. You may even score sponsorships and offer premium content to your audience.

Having a podcast posts a steady revenue stream. As long as you have people who are listening, you can always create new episodes.


Potential Income: Average of $100,000/year

Do you want to sell retail but don’t have room for any inventory? In dropshipping, you act as the middleman between the buyer and the manufacturer. When the buyer purchases the product, you’ll place an order to get that product at a profit.

Dropshipping requires you to have an eye for detail and to know how to post the products with the right terms to make them visible. If you want a business that doesn’t require an investment upfront, this is the right one for you.


Potential Income: Up to $100,000/year

Gone are the days when blogging would take up a great chunk of your time. Now, there are many programs and tools you can use to create and maintain a blog. However, simply starting a blog doesn’t automatically mean you’ll also begin to rake in money.

The keyword to a successful blog is constant content. Plus, it’s not just any content. To monetize your blog, you need informative or entertaining content. It’s so you’ll have loyal readers that drive traffic to your page.

So how can you make money through blogging? Think of your blog as a TV station – you have to sell something on it. You can rent out spaces in your blog for advertisements, offer digital products, or write sponsored posts.

SEO Consulting

Potential Income: Highest income at $92,582/year

If you’ve been searching for ways to be successful online, you most likely already have an idea of what Search Engine Optimization is all about. Simply put, SEO uses keywords to increase pages’ chances of ranking high in Google results.

To be an expert in SEO means you’ll be in high demand every time because businesses will always want their pages to be the first thing Google users see. All you need to do is keep enhancing your SEO skills to be one of the best out there.

Affiliate Marketing

Potential Income: Average of $83,000/year

In simple terms, affiliate marketing is where you can earn commissions by promoting a product. These products vary in range and can be other websites, ebooks, memberships, and others. Your deal will also depend on what audience you currently have. To be an effective affiliate, you can choose products that are connected to what your audience finds interesting.

As an affiliate, you’ll have the freedom to choose who you want to partner with. A great example of an affiliate program is Amazon Associates.

Social Media Marketing

Potential Income: Average of $51,928/year

Today, almost everything can be seen on social networking sites. It’s because social media is where most people, 4.62 billion individuals to be exact, spend their time on, making it an effective advertising platform for any product. Social media marketing is a critical marketing aspect for any business that wants to reach millions of people anytime, anywhere. It boosts brand awareness, leads, and sales.

If you’re already active on social networking sites and know most of the features in each, then you only need to further develop your knowledge to market on these platforms.

Lead Generation

Potential Income: Top earners get $44,500/year

Assisting in lead generation can be a fulfilling career, as you play the matchmaker between businesses and customers. Customers keep a business running, so being able to master this skill will help you have a steady stream of income.


There are many other business opportunities that the online community offers today. However, it’s best if you polish the skills that’ll help you in a specific endeavor. Consider the different factors that affect the business you choose, such as your knowledge, the needed investment, and other requirements that you should meet.