The AK-47 or Kalashnikov assault rifle is the most popular weapon in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Even though this weapon is available only for the terrorist team in the shooter, it has already managed to acquire a cult status in the game as in real life.

Logically, such popularity has enabled skin developers to create a huge number of top skins for the AK-47. You will be able to choose from a big number of options based on your needs and preferences. If you do not know where you can buy the best AK-47 Skins at a low price, then we recommend you try the reliable DMarket platform. The marketplace offers a wide range of deals, pocket-friendly rates, and the opportunity to cash out money from the platform.

In this review, we will talk about the most interesting and inexpensive AK-47 skins that won’t cost you a bomb. You will also find out why the AK-47 is so popular among CS:GO players and will be able to choose the best skins for it.

AK-47 is a Counter-Strike Legend: Why Has it Become a Symbol of Shooters?

November 8 marks the anniversary of the release of Counter-Strike 1.6, and today, the AK-47 occupies a top position in popularity among players. Despite the fact that the rifle was available only for terrorists. In terms of the price/quality ratio, the AK-47 is much cheaper than its “competitors;” it will cost you no more than $2,700 in CS:GO. For example, you will have to pay no less than $3,100 to get a similar weapon for the M4A4-S counter-terrorist side.

The main advantage of playing with the AK-47 is associated with the ability to kill the enemy with just one shot if it hits the head. Old CS:GO players understand that headshots with an AK-47 are a special kind of pleasure, like in almost no other first-person shooter. Still, the weapon counter compensated for the terrible accuracy on the move, the low speed of movement with the rifle, and the extremely difficult spray.

With the release of CS:GO, developers tried to make the AK-47 at least a little friendlier for newbies. After fixing a couple of things, the first shot became more accurate, balanced the clamp, and reduced the percentage of splashes. Later, an important change in the design of the AK-47 took place- the bolt moved to the right side of the weapon, where you can find it now. If in 1.6, the shells flew straight to the player’s face, they go to the side in CS:GO. In terms of its design/look-and-feel, the rifle has slightly changed from its very first versions.

In 2017, Valve made what seemed to be the most important change for CS:GO — they changed the sounds of shooting and reloading. Then it was believed that the developers broke the game, but now, before watching the video with the sounds, try to remember exactly how the AK-47 sounded at that time. The new shooting is probably so ingrained in your memory that it will be hard to remember the old sound. Besides that, the rifle has changed greatly thanks to the skins, which have been recently added to the game.

The Best 5 Interesting and Cheap Skins for AK-47

When it comes to inexpensive AK-47 skins, almost all of them have an industrial or military look. Here we will consider options without StatTrak technology since with a kill counter, the cost of any CS:GO livery increases significantly. Elite skins are not available for cheap purchases, and we doubt that you are ready to pay lots of money for them.

#1 — AK-47 | Uncharted

This skin from the Prisma case takes us to the New Continent, to the days of Pre-Columbian America. If you love woodcarving, then “Uncharted” will definitely appeal to you. The stock and forend are made using the technique of one of the ancient autochthonous peoples who once inhabited South America. For jungle outings, “Uncharted” will pay off just fine. Factory New wear rates will cost nearly $2. Over the past year, the coloring has gained a little in price. Therefore, having bought several skins of the same name today, you will be able to make some profits tomorrow.

#2 — AK-47 | Safari Mesh

A masculine skin with no unnecessary glamour is available for less than a dollar in four variations — from Minimal Wear to Battle-Scarred. The Factory New version will cost you around $4.50. This is one of the first skins in a shooter, so getting it as a result of a random drop is simply unrealistic. It is worth mentioning a few words about the design of the skin: using a stencil and spray paint, an image of a wire mesh in shades of brown and beige was applied to the body of the weapon, which adds a special look to the item.

#3 — AK-47 | Elite Build

This is included in the Chroma 2 case. It’s hard to describe the design of Elite Build, but it looks decent. The skin is suitable for disciplined players who appreciate the clarity of the lines and do not like unnecessary bells and whistles. You can afford this paint only in a shabby condition and “Forged in Battle.” However, keep in mind that in the final stages of wear, paint is almost completely erased from the metal parts of the body.

#4 — AK-47 | Baroque Purple

Another inexpensive industrial-grade skin for AK-47 is Baroque Purple. This time, the skin is made in black. It was added to the shooter with the release of Special Operation Shattered Web in 2019. The body of the item is decorated with a geometric pattern. Some gamers believe that this skin is boring. However, this does not mean that you will think the same way. Today, on the best marketplaces, you can get Baroque Purple for about $3. The Factory New version will cost you a whopping 12 bucks. There is no StatTrak version available for this model, which is perfectly fine.

#5 — AK-47 | Emerald Pinstripe

This is a cool CS:GO skin with patterns in the form of thin lines of green and white. The curls mimic the trajectory of a bullet. Emerald Pinstripe turns out to be surprisingly fascinating! A Well-Worn and Battle-Scarred item will cost you about $3 and will perfectly fit the budget of any gamer.