[UPDATE] Steam Greenlight Adds Software Category And Other Big Changes


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May 29, 2007
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The growth of Steam Greenlight continues as Valve announces that a software category has been added, as promised back when Software on Steam was revealed back in August. Developers can now submit their own non-gaming software for community verification on Greenlight.

Steam Greenlight has been updated today, adding the ability for developers to post non-gaming software for consideration by the Community. Software in Steam Greenlight will work just like games, where Valve is looking to the community to provide data on what they would like to see made available via Steam.
The first batch of software on Steam looks like it was a big success when it landed on Steam a few weeks back, so we're eagerly looking forwards to see what kind of software developers will take the plunge and put their titles up for community voting. This is definitely a big step forwards for Steam as a digital distribution platform so keep an eye out for more developments in the near future.

Valve have also shifted their policy regarding the $100 Greenlight entry fee which was added after a large number of users created joke or spam games. Replacing the $100 fee is a new 'Concepts' section, which allows any user to add any game idea they have in order to receive feedback and suggestions from the community.

Concepts and prototypes will only be moved to the 'Games' section once the owner pays the $100 fee, which remains in effect to filter titles and keep potentially offensive, joke and spam games from reaching the main stage.