The day before the day of The Doctor.


Jul 9, 2013
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Any Doctor who fans? Tomorrow is The Day of The Doctor. the 50th Anniversary Episode.

If you have not seen the Night of the Doctor minisode yet check that out here:
So which incarnation of the doctor is your favorite?

Personally i would have to go with the 11th. I just enjoyed his silly goofy nature, and lack of eyebrows. Admittedly though i have only seen the 9th though the 11th. i kinda want to go back and start at the 1st (oldest available to watch)

So apparently the polls max out at 10 options. I don't feel it fair or know who to leave out so there wont be a poll. :(


The Freeman
May 16, 2004
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David Tennant (10th) is the best one of the new three (started watching the classics, 1st doctor sucks even worse than Eccleston (9th)).

Matt Smith was pretty damn good though. Haven't watched the minisode yet because I won't want any hints of spoilers. I didn't even want to know that there would be a new doctor but not even River Song could have saved me from that spoiler.


The Freeman
May 6, 2003
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Nerd inbound!

The sixties episodes can be pretty inaccessible to a lot of people, especially when trying to binge them in a linear order. They come from an era when a lot of television was still treated like a disposable one-shot radio serial, rather than a lasting work. Flubbed lines and wobbly sets were common place due to an inability to edit footage after it was in the can. It can be quite a shock jumping from a frantic modern episode into a dry and heavily padded William Hartnell serial. I like to compare it to reading a silver age Avengers comic after watching the Whedon movie.

If you DO plan on going back and looking at the classic series, I personally recommend picking out a couple of the more popular stories from each Doctor to get a feel for each one; the show changes a LOT from production team to production team. I also highly recommend the new drama "An Adventure in Space and Time" which aired just yesterday over here. It was a great origin story for the show, and actually ends up being a powerful biographical piece at the end.

More recommended viewing would be this video from SFDebris which covers the basics of the shows history, as well as recommending a few starting points and specific stories worth watching. He also has a growing library of classic era reviews, including a lot of excellent videos covering the episodes that were destroyed and remain missing.

As for favourite doctor? I really hate having to pick one of anything, but I guess my favourite is Matt Smith. I really, really enjoyed his time with Amy and Rory, as I have never been a fan of the doctor being seen as a godlike figure who can do no wrong. The Doctor is a flawed and often messed up individual who needs to be called out on it from time to time, and I feel Amy, Rory and Donna all did that.

Not that I didn't love Tennant. He put a loads of energy into the role, and I am not going to pretend that my heart didn't break when he quit. As for the classic era, it's a tie between 2nd and 7th, though McCoy gets some bias because he was the doctor I grew up with. The only Doctor I really don't get anything from is Colin Baker, which i feel bad for saying because the guy gets enough hate as it is. The whole aesthetic of those stories just screams 80s daytime TV and puts me straight to sleep.

My favorite stories: The Chase, The Mind Robber, The Robots of Death, The Curse of Fenric, The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, Human Nature/The Family of Blood and The Doctor's Wife.

In terms of the 50th episode. I just hope it's strongly paced. A bunch of the episodes we got this year felt quite rushed compared to some of the previous seasons, and it would be a damn shame to waste the opportunity. I just keep telling myself that this is the same production team that made "A Christmas Carol" which I felt was an amazingly tight standalone episode.