TF2 Competitive Matchmaking Closed Beta Begins Week Of 22/02/2016


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May 29, 2007
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While the TF2 Competitive Matchmaking Beta Steam group has been pretty quiet since its creation several weeks ago, that all changed this evening with a new post by Valve's John Schoenick (Steam name: Jill). The post outlines the team's enthusiasm for the upcoming beta before discussing how the slow, gradual expansion of the closed beta will progress. Users invited to the beta will receive an in-game item called the "Competitive Matchmaking Beta Pass", which will grant them access to the on-going and evolving beta program.

Users that meet the following conditions will be more eligible for a beta invite:
  • Have either purchased a copy of Team Fortress 2 prior to June 23, 2011, or have made a purchase from the Mann Co. Store. (AKA premium accounts)
  • Have Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator enabled.
  • Have a phone number associated with your Steam account.
Those not directly invited to the beta can also look forward to announced stress testing events, which will exist outside of the regular beta, allowing even those without a pass to play, albeit briefly. We'll be sure to keep you posted on the status of the beta if and when we hear more!

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Worth noting that you need to be in the Steam group to be eligible for the beta as well.

Really excited for this tbh.