studiomdl game directory problem


Aug 30, 2015
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okay, this partly has to do with source filmmaker, so i'm just gonna post it here

for the last set of weeks i've been trying to create a custom model for source filmmaker, and now i finally have the completed .smd file and textures, and just have to port it to the .vtf/.vmt and mdl files.

i got into trouble with the .mdl file, and started looking over the forums of multiple sites to figure out why GUIstudioMDL wasn't working with the ever-present "gameinfo.txt doesn't contain game information".
after some more searching i discovered GUIstudioMDL was outdated, and I should use studioMDL, the problem with this program however, is that when I have to specifiy the game and SDK tool directory it doesn't respond when i select a folder and directly shuts down when i select the .exe of, for example, the source SDK.

I'm assuming i'm missing something very simple, and hope this problem is easily solveable.
thanks in advance to everyone who wants to help.