Rebellion HL2 Mod - Needs a Coder


Jan 23, 2004
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We are finally starting serious development of Rebellion -- however, we do not have a dedicated coder (I can code, but I'm not yet well versed in the HL2 SDK as well as with C++).

Keep in mind that this is a community collaborative project; we are all amateurs at what we do, and we do not expect to produce the best product out there. With that in mind, do not sign up if you aren't willing to cope with the entire learning process in creating a modification, or if you are someone who is only wanting to use the modification as a front to the gaming industry.

We require a coder who is:

- Somewhat knowledgeable of the HL2 SDK
- Fluent in C++
- Willing to partake in the learning process of creating a modification

We do not require that you have prior modding experience. If you are self-motivated and can learn independently, then that is all that is needed for this project.

If you are interested, contact Merc248 ([email protected]), PM me on these boards, or head over to the Rebellion website and PM me there.