Oy! What are you playing?


Space Core
Aug 20, 2007
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Let's reconnect here folks! What are people playing, and who wants to play with them?

Personally my systems are in a state of disrepair right now so Minecraft is really the only multiplayer game available to me.


The Freeman
Apr 9, 2007
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Been trying to go through my Steam library and play two games per title letter in my backlog.

1000 Amps - Fantastic little indie puzzle platformer thing. Virtually unheard of, as best as I can tell, which is a pity.
80 Days - Jules Verne travel simulator. Part train schedule optimizer and part pleasant interactive fiction. Splendid.
Aaaaaa!! For the Awesome - If you want to base jump to your death while listening to podcasts, this will do fine.
Alpha Protocol - A very awkward bundle of really good ideas that doesn't make the most of any of them.
BIT.TRIP BEAT - I am very bad at rhythm games and rhythm period, but I do enjoy the meditative state these games can put you in, even if I can never beat it.
Broken Age - Pretty pleasant and amusing little adventure. For a great deal of it I actually thought it had avoided the trap of game ruining "puzzles" which just push your patience to the absolute limit until you give up and use a walkthrough. But as it goes on I ran into more and more walls which started to suck the fun out of it. Pretty on par for my experience with classic adventure games.

I actually have almost no 'C' games. I have to play Company of Heroes and Cogs. Feeling inclined to skip because it would take forever to give a proper play and I have no idea what it is, respectively.

As for compulsive idle games: Spelunky, Don't Starve, Project Zomboid. Which now all own a chunk of my soul at this point.

And I'll have a round of Rocket League and L4D2 with my RL friends every once in a while.