Nowhere Man Series DVD RELEASE

Apr 25, 2004
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Any of you guys from the US remember this show? It's alot similar to "The Prisoner" and very thought-provoking so it wouldnt last 2 seasons on americas television. Im surprised they released it recently, I used to watch the show back in 1995 and was a huge fan of it. Too bad the series ended too soon and wasnt giving a proper conclusion to the show. I'm looking forward on getting this soon. Heres the plot...

Bruce Greenwood stars as documentary photographer Thomas Veil who, in the course of one evening, seemingly has his whole existence erased, in the compelling one-hour drama Nowhere Man. It appears as if some mysterious and powerful entity has coerced Veil's family and friends into cooperating in a clandestine plan to annul every trace of him. Veil is all alone with no option but to begin a desperate, dangerous quest to find out how and why this has happened and most importantly, who is behind this torturous scheme.