Need Dedicated Server Help



I am very good with counter-strike source and games and the computer. However I want to make a server and just host it off of my pc. I have tried getting help from a few people that have servers that are constantly 12 or so people in it. They can not figure it out. My server does not show up as internet, but it shows up as lan. Why is this? Can I fix it? Is it something to do with sv_lan? please give me any feedback possible


I tried sv_lan 0 already. It did not work. Thanks for the playlinc . Does it cost money? I am trying it right nwo


Mar 31, 2005
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no it's a free service

they dont have many custom maps thou, but i believe you can request stuff from their forums.


I just said over here:

I've done simple servers like that many times. I would say the easiest thing to do is to use a program called Hamachi. You and your freinds download it ( and install it. One person creates a network and a password that the other(s) then join. Once everyone is in the network someone can host a counterstrike game and everyone in the Hamachi network should see it in the LAN games even though you are using it over the internet.
That is for a simple server.
For your more advanced internet server, port forwarding is fun but if you have a DMZ it becomes much more manageable. You also need to setup a static IP for your server inside your home network. The combination of these two allow
first- all traffic headed for your global ip to reach your server.
second- you don't have to worry about your server's local ip address to change forcing you to change the DMZ.
If you understood anything I just stated there is hope and I will go into how to actually set this stuff up. If not, I'm afraid trying to explain this can be very complicated and dangerous for your computer.