[MOD] Mission Improbable 3 Released + ValveTime Video Review


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May 29, 2007
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The Source mod scene has been reasonably quiet as of late, but not anymore. The much anticipated Part 3 of the popular Mission Improbable mod was released on Sunday. Featuring new HD visuals and a chunk of brand new content, we thought to ourselves - "What a better way to start our video review series by reviewing one of the most popular singleplayer mods available?" That's exactly what we did. Incase you missed it, you can watch the review below.

You can download the mod here. Be sure to let us know in the comments what you thought about it.




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Aug 19, 2006
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Fantastic mod, I rate it up there with Adam Foster's Minverva, as my favourite Source mods.


Aug 2, 2012
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The Mission Improbable Half-Life 2 Mod is AWESOME! I just finished the first half and I am now on the second half and I am already blown away by the way the story progresses, the scenery, and the challenge it brings. Thanks for this mod!


May 15, 2004
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I finished the modification earlier this afternoon and watched the review shortly after and they are a totally incongruous pair. I thought Mission Improbable was good fun and of a comparably high standard, but I feel the criteria it's being judged by to be incomprehensible; it is incompatible with what it is.

A sub-category called 'narrative' exists among the likes of 'gameplay' and 'performance' (utterly useless categories for reviewing the sum of anything) and my immediate question is WHY. WHY are we talking about its narrative? It doesn't have one. And that's fine. Case in point: the review's narrator begins with "the premise is..." and yet all Mission Improbable is is a premise! The premise exists in order for the three chapters and their content to exist and it never attempts to raise itself above that initial foundation. It's just pure HL2 gameplay. You star as Freeman, there's the obligatory G-Man spotting and a Combine base is eventually infiltrated and sabotaged. It's the recipe to what we know and what works (or does it?). I don't see how one can talk of a "plot" at all. It's such a non-existent category.

So let's talk about something more interesting instead!

I want to know why the 'best' Half-Life based modifications are so reliant on headcrab production facilities as a Combine setting. I guess because it's so easy to have the place 'go wrong' and turn it on its head (Zombines!). Unfortunately, as easy as that is, it's clearly beyond the ability of anyone outside of Valve to effectively replicate the Combine setting in all its alien-industrial might. Minerva didn't succeed and neither does this. From the layout and architecture of the Combine facility it's clear that this is someone's attempt to embody and convey those ideas we see in the Valve games (the dread of the monolith, the replication, spread and all-consuming nature of the Combine metal). But it doesn't work because it's applied conventionally. This is not a criticism per se, merely an observation. After all, the exterior environments were very good indeed. The discovery of the antlion ravaged outpost was well executed - it's just a shame antlions aren't scary!