Local Co-Op / SplitScreen double keyboard+mouse games?


May 14, 2016
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Hello, recently I've played Trine 2 (and I know that trine 1 works as well) with double mouse and keyboard, and I've had a blast, it felt better then playing with a joystick, and I was wondering what other games are there out there that can be played with this kind of configurations....

I've checked initially the Valve Games L4d 1-2 + Portal, but unfortunately none of them can be played like this since Keyboard one ID can't be changed in the settings...

I am curious if anyone can give me any hints of games they've played or they've read that it works with double keyboard + mouse...

For the sake of the thread I'll be keeping a list and update it as frequently as possible and I'll start with the games I've specified
  • Trine
  • Trine 2

ps: This is the real next gen gaming. :D