Interstellar (spoiler zone)


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Aug 8, 2009
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I weep for upon the deathbed of the poor Valvetime Forums. But if anyone is still here, shall we discuss this film? I recall an excellent discussion about Inception when it came out.

First off, to get it out of everyone's systems, Nolan fanboys being what they are, I think we can all agree he's made some awesome films. Memento, The Prestige, The Dark Knight, Inception, *let's not talk about Rises, my goodness*, and now Interstellar.

I found it thought provoking and awe-inspiring. It was a bit standard in its message about overpopulation and the coming Doom (but nonetheless necessary). But what I want to talk about is wormholes, time dilation in relativity and black holes. Also, the most contrasted reaction to the weirdest looking robots I've ever seen. Seriously, I saw them in the trailer and thought we had another Dark Knight Rises on our hands. Instead TARS turned out to be the best character in the movie.

What did anyone think about the black hole? Presumably a lot of you guys are better read in hardcore astrophysics than me. I know everything that happens through it (over the event horizon, right?) is entirely Nolan's imagination, but could a spaceship (of any design) feasibly go through anything so volatile? From what I've read, the truth of the matter of black holes is that they just swallow matter and disintegrate it. How about the wormhole? Could anything realistically pass through a wormhole as it did in the film?

Nolan really gets how to toy with emotions. He touched on it in Inception, but Interstellar screws around with the rules of time much more effectively, to produce these deeply sad moments that makes your heart beat faster at the implications. And it's implemented in such a cleverer way than Inception.

I thought the special guest appearance was cool. It's neat that that can still happen without the lid being blown on it. Although a lot of people reacted hilariously when the guest star appeared.

In case you haven't seen the film and decided you don't want to, and thus are reading this despite the spoiler warning, see it. If it doesn't blow your mind, it'll at least keep you entertained to a higher standard than most of the other garbage films out there. I've tried to be none too explicit with spoilers, but hey, you were warned.


Companion Cube
Aug 19, 2006
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I enjoyed it.

Matthew McConaughey has turned into a pretty good actor, this is a guy that was in chick flicks like How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days and in mindless action movies like Sahara. I almost got teary eyed in a couple of scenes in movie, that one scene where he looked into the monitor of the recordings, really struck me.

I thought the scene where they showed the elderly people in the begining was a bit of a spoiler and kind of ruined the surprise. I had a strong feeling in the middle of the film that he would return to Earth and his kids would be pretty old by then.


Dec 14, 2006
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Just got back from seeing it. Initial impressions are that the sound mixing is some of the worst I've heard in a while, Nolan abuses great actors by forcing them in to poorly written roles, and there are just layers and layers of 'Quantum woo'. Also three hours long. I enjoyed it, I guess