I present you: "Bedtime" - defusal csgo map by me


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Aug 9, 2013
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this is a map I've worked on for a long time now. I think now is a good time to show it to the public and I thought I could also make a post on Valvetime.net. Should I post screenshots here, or is it ok if they are just on the workshop page? Anyway, here it is:

Steam Workshop link:


It's bedtime kids, time to go home. You dont want to be on the playground at night.

"Bedtime" is a defusal map designed for competitive play (matchmaking level).

The map is set at night, but visibility was my highest priority so there are a ridiculous amount of lights on this map.
The Skybox is open allowing for all kinds of nade throws.
Different surfaces used for the ground allow you to locate enemies easier by sound.
No fog and no random props in the middle of the map aside from cover.
Clean textures with good contrast everywhere on the map.

This is a small map compared to existing ones, so it might feel weird at first but please give it a fair try. I didn't try to make a super competitive map, but one which could be played in matchmaking (which is not the most serious enviroment).

Please give me feedback, I REALLY appreciate it.

Terrorist want to plant a bomb at a playground to create a distraction for the police, so their second team can start a heist on a bank. But the Counter-Terrorist group had an undercover agent which gave them intel, so they are prepared for them. The Terrorist commit to the plan anyway.

Custom Skybox from Gamebana:
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