Human Error Coop - Level Designer(s) needed


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Mar 9, 2006
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Human Error Coop is looking for talented Level Designers to help with the Traitor Mode maps.

It's a four player coop where you can play as one of the characters from EP1 of Human Error (Anders, Larson, Noah, and Eloise). In Traitor Mode one of the players is selected as a Traitor in the beginning of each round. The Hostiles (Rebels, Vortigaunts, Alien Grunts, and Alien Controllers) are also attacking the Combine base and will try to destroy either the Combine Main Frame or the Advisor Pod. The Traitor will have the Emp Tool, that can be used to hack Combine Interfaces, to help the Hostiles to get to the Main Frame (or the Advisor Pod) easier. The other metrocops have to stop the Hostiles and have to figure out who the Traitor is and stop him or her from sabotaging the base any longer.

While we are still focusing mostly on the Traitor Mode, we plan to start working on Human Error EP2 in the form of coop campaigns later on.

Who we are looking for:
We are looking for someone who has interest on the mod and the game mod, and has the time to work on it. Preferably someone who would have released a map for any Source game. Screenshots are required.

What you would work in:
Right now we are focusing on the Traitor Mode. We have three map ideas that we want try out. If you would join, you could choose what you would like to work on.

1. Protect Breen The metrocops have to protect Breen while the Hostiles and the Traitor try to kill him. The location would be your own choice, but the map would need a Combine architecture area. More details if you are interested me and contact me.

2. Mantarays & Air Defense There would be an Advisor Pod or an Main Frame the Metrocops would have to protect. The Hostiles would spawn teleported into the scene by the Mantarays. When the Air Defense would get all fully charged up, it would shoot down the Mantarays, and the Hostiles would spawn futher away from the Main Frame / Advisor Pod, having to take a longer route.

3. Alyx Mode with Protect Eli Instead of a Traitor, in the beginning of each round one of the players would be selected as Alyx, who would then have to protect Eli, while the metrocops would have to try to kill him. It would be a sort of a hide and seek game. Location could be Black Mesa East or your own choice. Some more details if you contact me.

Any comments or suggestions are of course welcome.

You can find tutorials about how the different entities work in HE Coop here. Note that if you would join the team you would have to download the developer version of the mod with Tortoise SVN.

The Team:

We have very small team. Addition to voice actors, playtesters, and a British person, I have been doing the coding, gameplay design, and some level design, and marnamai has been doing gameplay design and level design.

You can contact me here on Interlopers or by adding me to Steam Friends.