Jul 20, 2013
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Hi guys! I'm a Valve guy. I've been on Steam for a month now and I haven't purchased a game but I do have a game in my Library which is the Black Mesa mod. I usually go for names like ImShady, ImShady58, SlimShady58 and SlimShady but since I've been in a very Half-Life mood all month, I decided to go with the iconic "The time is 8:47 AM" line from the first Half Life game. Half Life was the first game that I got real serious with since I usually play games for a few levels then remove it. I enjoyed the first Half Life when I was 8 and I replayed it recently 5 years later finishing it for the first time. I currently have finished Half Life, Half Life 2 and Half Life 2: Episode One and I'm gonna finish HL2: EP2 in a few minutes. I also love playing Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 but I no longer play as much ever since I started playing through the Half Life series. Like everyone else I've been waiting for Half Life 3 ever since I played the original one. PS: I like to "Jack Sparrow" games since I haven't been making money (boy I hope that YouTube sh** will pay off eventually).