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Udo Schmidt

Apr 14, 2014
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Greetings everyone.

My name is Udo (Or Lev as I am apparently now called in Steam Chat)
and i am a 25 Year old Half-Life enthusiast from Germany.
I suppose the only relevant history one needs to know about me
is that i got hooked on Half life rather shortly after its release.
I suppose it wont be too much of a surprise to anyone who
has shared the experience that it didnt take much more
to become an absoloute fanatic about the entire franchise
especially after Half-Life 2 which for me at least was
the first (besides HL1) FPS to tell a convincing and gripping story
while maintaining excellent and balanced gameplay,
something which is not appreciated enough anymore these days.

Nowadays I spend my time on Garrysmod building complex
mechanisms that dont serve any purpose whatsoever which is
oddly enough how I see Hat Simulator 2 in the Valve franchise.
Yes feel free to hate me for my view on that but it is the truth for me.

Now that I have wasted more than a minute of Your time I only humbly ask
to be accepted into the community and maybe even share a few laughs
and beers, mostly beers though.

All the best to all of you