Gabe Newell Appears In LAGD Interview


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Aug 27, 2004
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A wild Gabe Newell has appeared in a video interview on a show called Legal Assistance for Game Developers (LAGD). The interview is a little over half an hour long and Gabe never takes off his cowboy hat; not even once. The topics discussed range from the importance of collaborating with their customers, to Gabe's battle plan for the zombie apocalypse.

On the topic of collaboration, Gabe said, "I like to collaborate, and I think a game designer who thinks that they're not collaborating with their customers is probably not a very successful game designer..." And that, "You're not in control [if you're not collaborating]."

Talking about Steam before it was released in 2003, he said, "It seemed impossible to ever make a single good decision without the ability to incrementally release changes to the experience that you're giving to people then measure what the results are. Steam was about helping us build entertainment experiences for our customers, and having partners being able to take advantage of it."

Be sure to catch it all on Youtube!

Via: Shaun Spalding
Source: Youtube